Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There is so much politicking on this issue it is unbelievable. Surly, it is no surprise that when you get a few thousand politicians and bureaucrats into one spot, nothing happens other than self promotion. Remember these people like to talk, don’t like decisions and will run a mile from responsibility and accountability.
The whole process shows a lack of understanding of human nature and why we change.
There is no doubt that we need to remove catastrophic emissions as we need to remove a dependence on non-renewable energy. Even if you believe the climate change sceptics, this holds truth for our collective future.
There are three ways to get people to support the required changes. Make inappropriate emissions and the use of non-renewable energy illegal and subject to goal time. Secondly, give people an incentive to use renewable energy. Thirdly by shaming people into changing.
Option 1 is good for business which hides behind corporate fire walls. Option 2 is a commercial decision by savvy operators in that wind, thermal, solar and hydro power can and should be supported by everyone so that the high emissions and/or non-renewable energy suppliers are financially undercut and sent bankrupt. The third option is for everyone but needs to be fair dinkum.
The power of the market is the only thing which will change the current situation!
Everyone, even politicians, will choose to buy energy from suppliers who do not chuck rubbish into the air and actively and transparently pursue renewable energy sources providing they are commercially equitable. We as a nation cannot support a ‘dig it up’ culture in the face of obvious climate dysfunction and we as a nation can and should lead the world by example.
It could be argued that Australia has the world’s strongest economy and are in a position to lead the world. What’s stopping us? To say we shouldn’t be first is rubbish and denigrates us as Australians.
If every Australian was to show the world just how serious we are by giving $50 per year for 3 years to removing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources it would shame the USA, China and India and effectively remove their politicking positional strategies. Imagine a world-publicised event where Australians are seen as aware, savvy and generous of their time and money. Wow.
We are a successful and fantastic nation of only 21 million people and are in a position to lead the world’s attitudes and actions.
All we need is the impetus driven by a brilliant, serious, successful, known, respected and devoted Australian.