Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Space junk and green spider men living under our flat earth


We have over 7,000 satellites orbiting the earth with lots more lobbed into space each year which means there are multiple redundancies and ‘space junk’ to deal with.

The Russians tried to deal with one such ‘bit’ a little while ago but just managed to make lots of littler bits which are still orbiting.  Whoops.  Perhaps high tech laser destruction is not destructive enough?

We need an incinerator to permanently destroy all unwanted ‘bits’.  Fortunately we have one.  It’s that big warm thing in the middle of our spot in the galaxy.

Therefore the issue is getting unwanted bits to seek their own doom.  Fortunately it requires relatively very little energy to propel stuff  once free of earth’s gravity.

All we need to do is provide some sort of impetus to a bunch of suicidal junk.

Solution ...  We deploy rather large space platforms which catch junk and places same in a net to be hurtled by slingshot  [thank you Archimedes for the idea] toward the sun whereupon its consumed.  Doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to break free of earths gravity on a true trajectory to doom.

No expendables [old truck inner tubes], cheap, effective and could be turned into an Olympic sport.  Nations competing to lob their bits onto a virtual target displayed on the sun.  Wahoo!!  Nations could earn brownie points.

Problem is that if we miss, the junk missile may slingshot around the sun and come back at us initiating Armageddon. Perhaps not a great idea.  Worse, our junk hits the spider people world in the next galaxy and they retaliate with a web of steel encircling the earth as they pick us off for lunch.

Armageddon, arachnoid snacks – rethink.

How about catching the junk and dropping it back to earth in the middle of an unpopulated desert whereupon all  bits are recycled into metal hairpieces, being the new helmet protecting us from Covid nano probes unleashed by the dreaded spider men.

After all, we all know arachnoid city is driven by Covid furnaces and that they planted Covid on earth to further their evil 8 legged plans. [add Boris Karloff laugh]

This could also be an Olympic sport where countries compete to lob their junk onto a virtual target.  Sort of like archery, but not.  Penalties would include loss of your super yacht for a week if you hit a city, per se.  Say 1,000 dead for a week’s loss of ocean privileges. Sounds fair.

Strict rules would need to apply as some nations would deliberately drop their junk on a neighbouring country as a prelude to invasion – ‘Sorry about the carnage but we can help by taking over your government through a small invasion and annexing your impoverished lot to us.  Simple!’

That penalty would be two weeks without your super yacht!  

Now, we all know the earth is flat with satellites just tootling around in circles.  The big penalty of four weeks without your super yacht would be to release pictures or text or words which dispute that flat earth reality. After all, the worlds despots have spent millions denying history such as Tiananmen Square massacre or Russia’s current invasion or Nth Koreas military expansion hiding a frog march to starvation.  Their investment in brain washing through a cancel culture needs to be protected.  To cement that reality we all know that the spider men live underneath the earth in secret bases delving out Covid to unsuspecting flat earthers.  Don’t want to upset them do we?

A problem of Dickensian magnitude!

Personally the slingshot has visual appeal as would a ‘thripenny’ bunger strategically placed in an orifice used as a launch tool [think Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove].  After all the same bunger used to demolish letter boxes in the 1950/60’s.  Simple and immense fun [thank you Gelignite Jack for the memories].  As a matter of fact we could solve the bad people problem at the same time with each provided with their own Dr Strangelove experience!

Ah the joy of having too much time on your hands, waxing lyrical about stuff then burdening others with erratic and errant thoughts.  So much fun.



I read the complete weekend Australian this morning [as I do every week for the quality of its journalism and longish articles] – a great balanced view from all sides.  In that was listed all the good things the Lib’s achieved in SA even during a Pandemic which they handled well.  Still, gone, which makes zero sense but people get what they voted for.  Take Victoria for example – Andrews was responsible for the deaths of some 800 people, has been proven to lie and misuse funds and his labor executive all suffered convenient loss of memory about who ticked off on $30m to fund private security.  Yet he still retains some degree of popularity whilst trying to wrongly blame Morrison for his failures.  Go figure – the absolute ‘blame’ stupidity is gob smacking.  Palaszczuk just this week has been shown to be somewhat loose with the facts and WA has damn near ruined its tourist hub for zero reason as covid has arrived anyway and NT leased its port to the Chinese, a move resembling insanity.  Morrison has the spine of a worm destroying his elected representatives lives virtually convicting without evidence [i.e Attorney General] by demoting lest the public disagree and Albanese is seen as the worst possible choice for a person to ‘lead’ our country.  Now we see female Labor senators acting like schoolyard tyrants linked to death and we watch political ‘adults’ from all sides behaving like bellicose 10 year olds.  We have to deal with similar traits in Putin and Xi Ping and they are supposedly world leaders with the red button at their ‘sole’ command.  They continually lie, ignore facts and threaten – in loud offensive voices.  Trying to erase history is but one little example of gross stupidity and the poor little oligarchs suffer through losing their boats.  A crying shame, that.

Along with a few million others, I voted for Hawke and Keating because they were right at the time and their list of ‘liberal’ achievements was and is significant as was their ability to lead and have ALL of us follow.  Which brings us to today and choices.

The world is entering a new phase and we need people who can lead.  There is no side of politics which is 100% up to the job therefore we need to pick from what’s available.  The federal labor party is full of back biting children determined to be talking heads but without substance led by a vitriolic waste of space without an original thought other than to try and denigrate.  Yet, take SA, where that behaviour worked to win but then one has to actually do something when in office.  We will see.  There is a litany of leadership failures headed by McMahon, Whitlam and Fraser.  All sides respected Howard, Keating and Hawke over many years as they disrespected Turnbull and Rudd.  Not many good guys around me thinks.

So where do we sit.  We lost our best hope for an Australian PM respected around the world and by all people and all political parties.  Short of convincing Julie to return we have Morrison who has lots of runs on board and proven ability to act as he did when closing the borders supported by Dutton and Friedenberg just to name 3.  On the other side we have Albanese with zero runs and a team of vitriolic bumsters who only know hate speech.  I think I made it clear that I am not overly fond of Morrison or Dutton or to a lesser extent in Friedenberg for various reasons but as a team taking us through what could be a change in world order, there is no choice.  Liking or not liking is irrelevant, it’s respect that’s important.

Unless we get Julie to return or the ghost of Billy Graham pops in we have Morrison and his party as the ONLY choice.  Anything else is just too dangerous.

So there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


It seems that the world hasn’t learned any lessons from history.  In essence, people don’t change or at least the ego driven despot / meglamanics don’t.  They pursue ‘whatever’ it takes to stay in power and expand their self universe ignoring normal people who just bend and break.  Yet, the useless talking heads, continue to just talk.

On the 1st of September 1939 one meglamanic despot invaded Poland.  The talking heads were talking and the world hid their collective heads in the sand.  Millions died.  Good result, eh?

Move forward 80 years and the world is once again refusing to consider that we have at least two or three despots who are summarily bent on killing millions to bolster their own egos.  Let me repeat, millions dead for no reason and we do nothing because we as a collective don’t want to believe that such existential threats exist. ‘She’ll be right mate [said with a big smile and brain off], what do I care, that’s in some place called Europe – ha ha’.

To quote philosopher John Stuart Mill, who delivered an 1867 inaugural address at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”   Wow! And that was 1867 which proves we have learnt zip.

With one idiot, Putin, destroying Russia including its reputation by his brain dead ego driven actions destroying the lives of millions of innocent people, the useless talking heads, talk, and continue to talk.  Look at me look at me, I am talking.  Dare to object inside Russia or China or Nth Korea and you will be silenced as dissent from ‘the presidential ego’ is not acceptable.  What does that one fact tell the universe?  How about lack of reason, lack of humanity, lack of intelligence, lack of maturity, lack of consultation and lack of empathy where respect is subjugated to personal ego.  People suffer and die driven by bellicosity.  Think the battle of Somme in 1916 where a million died over a few miles of dirt.

Yet, the talking heads just continue to talk.

What to do? 

How about conscripting Julie Bishop back to parliament as PM to work with equals Peter Dutton and Josh Frydenberg to lead Australia toward developing a spine.  Power through international respect for foreign affairs expertise, political savvy and individual strength.

How about, making the NT an Australian multi location and multi nation hub for democratic ‘world peace games’ [eg – Aus, USA, Israel, NATO, UK, France, et alia]. A combined military at crucial global location/s working together as a force for peace and world order.  Say 200,000 troops with ALL associated hardware and weaponised software – launch ready – led by that same multi nation group and not by an individual despot.  This would not be a war footing but merely essential training of a deterrent ‘world’ force driven by respect and law.

No going it alone for anyone but not just talking – doing – ready to cripple aggressive behavior by any country which disrespects others sovereignty, territory or human rights.

Nuclear proliferation was supposed to make all aggressors think twice about self annihilation but that only works if all parties are free of ego driven despots, all parties are similarly armed and all parties show a spine!

Then we can live in peace away from threats and power grabs.  Back to economic competition through and by a rules based system protecting everyone’s rights.  Prosperity for all and respect as a God given right for all.