Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Andrews is incompetent

 I am ashamed to have Andrews as our so called Premier.  He supports the Chinese through secret MOU’s using Chinese finance and Chinese companies in Victoria in breach of his own national parties wishes whilst China at the same time pursues an obvious political trade vendetta against Australia seemingly all because we want to protect our sovereign rights against foreign power incursion.  Andrews supports China as China tries to ruin Australia unless of course we allow China to buy Australia through so called investment.  On top of this he is responsible for some 800 deaths, a management amnesia episode which proves eye watering incompetence and has racked up enough debt so we have to pay $4 billion in interest alone.  Am I missing something?

Thursday, December 3, 2020

China, I feel sorry for you.

 There is no honour in a nation devolving to the publication of images depicting false and repugnant acts which are intended to harm without the nebulous excuse of satire.   Perhaps a challenged somewhat rapacious schoolboy or a moron troll but not an honourable nation.

In supporting that act, China and its leaders have lost respect or ‘face’ in the eyes of the world and I daresay in the eyes of every right-thinking Chinese citizen.  A truly sad day for Chinese honour.
But perhaps we are not looking at China in the correct way?  Perhaps we assume a maturity based on thousands of years of culture where honour was king when in reality certain actions obviate that conclusion.  Actions such as holding people in detention camps, freaking out at being asked to help identify the source of the virus which is infecting millions, dreadful industrial pollution, vast unoccupied apartment towers built for no reason, ignoring an agreement over Hong Kong, building islands in international waters for military purposes, destroying trade agreements through lies and now tweeting a childish fake image intending to harm.
These are not the actions of adults in a global community where respect is assumed and a ‘must’.
It is a truism that the immature resort to shouting when dealing with loss of face in the hope that just being louder wins.   Yelling someone down does not equate to winning, it equates to having already lost.  Yelling can refer to verbal or the physical but both are dysfunctional when honour and respect can achieve so much more.
But the false and immature tweet of a horrific crime only makes me feel sorry for the Chinese people.  What a juvenile act and a loss of face for China to be seen as so out of control having to devolve to cheap 5 year old demented tweets.
Thousands of years of honour and respect threatened by a juvenile moron.

China, I feel sorry for you. You are so much more