Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Open letter to Josh Frydenberg re security

 Good morning,

There is nothing more important than our security.
The talking heads flap the trite whilst nothing actually happens.
Think Hitler on September 1 1939 or how about Putin a few weeks ago.  Both surprise invasions whilst the talking heads, talked.
The world is changing and we need to cement relationships else fall victim to some autocratic ‘big guns’ regime.
Recognise that the cold war mentality is happening despite most people’s best efforts.
That war is happening in the form of cyber attacks and economic coercion but the ‘west’ is fighting back.
But, this doesn’t stop the despots from blatant invasion or developing weapons which with one missile can level a country the size of France or cause a radioactive tidal wave to ‘sink’ the UK and a good chunk of Europe.
A charming reality driven by fools. 
If one does not have a deterrent then one is vulnerable.  This is a no brainer.  Indeed, the CCP has said at the National Press Club that they will drop a nuclear bomb on Australia if we go nuclear power.
We are vulnerable.
Australia as a big country does not have the weaponry to combat anything.  Sad but true.
But, we do have friends with big guns – not just supplicants or clients as does the CCP or the Kremlin.
The solution is obvious.
What we have is space and space in which to work with our friends to maintain a ‘military’ cold war barrier.  Not economic but military to protect the Pacific and all who dwell thereon.
Promote all that is economic but don the armour.
Invite our ‘friends’ to work with us in Northern Australia in ‘war games’ where each friend has a permanent foothold with people and ‘ALL’ equipment in multiple locations.
The message is obvious in that we as a consortium are strong and willing to defend the rights of our peoples against all threats at a critical global location.
Imagine say 10 countries with say 5,000 personnel each training as a cooperative to challenge any perceived future threat.
Ships, tanks, planes, weaponry, bombs et alia all located in Australia's sovereign territory and training together as a force.
Cost?  Significant.  But the alternative is unthinkable, just look at Ukraine, the devastation in infrastructure and the millions displaced.
Recognise the fact that there is a cold war at the moment and one that has a potential to be far more threatening.
Don’t fall into the talking heads syndrome!!
There is a line from a great movie  ‘Field of dreams’ – ‘if you build it they will come’.  If we build the strategic global dream they will come.
I am hoping that you are not grounded in talking head minutia [block people] as are most politicians but are a jigsaw [strategic] thinker and capable of dragging all the various jigsaw pieces into a coherent whole.
Australia is at risk but also has within its grasp a fantastic opportunity.