Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food – ‘Fine dining wank to street side woofing’.

I do in fact feel sorry for some people because they obviously miss out on one of the great pleasures readily available to nearly all people on a regular basis. We all eat to live but most of us actually enjoy the look, smell, texture and taste associated with eating. Not as one so called journalist wrote “..shoving it in [our] deluded gobs..”. This rather quaint turn of phrase seems to remove her from us mere and deluded mortals who enjoy nearly everything we eat. This is true all the way from woofing a ‘dimmy’ covered in soy sauce standing on a street corner at 1am to sipping on a fantastic local merlot whilst tootling through say 5 courses of some degustation repast that a chef has spent a reputation producing.
The fact is we are all different and that is the beauty of enjoying food, whether that be as a visual treat, a perfect aroma, a textural balance and/or a taste sensation. All four or just one, it’s still a treat.
Take the ‘dimmy’, open the double layered bag, close your eyes, smell the aromas of dodgy product and soy sauce and look into the bag to the white-ish blob dribbled with black stuff and let the thought of all that flavour wash over your ‘what is it’ fears. Squeeze two fingers into the bag and try to come to grips with a very hot lump. The path from bag to mouth is quick to avoid blistered skin only to transfer that risk to tongue and teeth. But once the dimmy is firmly in place, all that salt in the soy sauce erupts the saliva which in turn helps cool the super tasty chunk of indeterminable but super tasty substance. A couple of bites and woof, it’s gone. Wow.
How do I know? Because we did just that last night on the way home after closing our very well known fine-ish dining restaurant and we followed that evening sensation with a jam doughnut. Fantastic.
Incidentally, for our dinner earlier we had a fine Italian risotto created with locally grown red onions, freshly cracked black pepper from Madagascar, pink Malden sea salt, house ‘Danish’ cured King Salmon from New Zealand, beautiful Canadian sea scallops and Manuka smoked salmon all drizzled with slow roasted house made vegetable nage and gelatinous seafood stock made from the bones of contented fish.
See, both sides of the culinary divide from fine dining wank to street corner woofing.
May I suggest everyone enjoys all aspects of this simple and delightful past time all the way from people who like to pontificate at length with words none of us have heard before to dimmy munchers using only single syllable utterances such as mmmmm.