Thursday, December 2, 2010


Good morning Mr Baileau,
This is not a congratulatory letter rather a ‘gauntlet’ letter. The opportunity is for your Government to accept the overriding and massive challenge that the previous Government ignored. You, as did Jeff Kennet, must believe yourself not as a Premier but as the CEO of Victoria and treat your role as does any CEO. Not involvement with mundane crap stealing time and energy [leave that to the minions] but with strategy, vision and a future focus. Jeffrey saved our bacon as a state from the junior level management of which Brumby was a part and dragged us back to AAA+ ratings. Then we rewarded his success by giving his job to Bracks – can’t help stupidity. Thanks to Howard and Costello we as a nation hardly felt a ripple from the GFC where other countries are still in the deepest poo excreted from their own ineffectual rhetoric and action. Dare I suggest that they had politicians to lead them rather than CEOS’. Once again we reward Howard and Costello by giving their jobs to Gillard and Swan – despair is not a strong enough word.
In the bluntest of terms, ‘we as a State cannot survive without a rock solid vision for the next 20+ years’. You as leader of your party must give us hope, a future focus and a determination to eclipse all others in our collective race to survival. Piece of cake really.
Myki, along with a myriad of other mis-managed concerns, is not really important. What is important is our future and the development of Victoria by and through the eyes and intelligence of our best and brightest. We must harness the power of the collective into a future focus. One possible way to do this is to offer graduates elimination of university fees providing they spend say 12 months as part of a collective ‘think and do tank’ for the sole benefit of Victoria. Can you imagine 100 of those best and brightest developing our future through sustained and controlled projects – and they do it year upon year. I get excited just thinking about it.
Congratulations on a campaign well done and indeed coming across as someone who understands respect and integrity.
Good government,
Jon Langevad.