Monday, August 16, 2021

Mismanagement of Covid19

‘The amnesiac [Coate’s enquiry], mismanagement-Andrews’, is out of control with Covid19.

Andrews’ actions propagate the self righteous / self entitled to openly defy public health orders.  These are the ‘covid spreaders’ caring little about anyone outside their own bubble whilst ignoring community responsibility.  Despite being labelled as ‘boofheads’ by the police they continue to ignore simple anti-death measures such as vaccination, masks, distancing and sanitising.  They could be big family groups insular to the health requirements of their community or just dropkicks unable to think past their nose.

Lockdowns are NOT going to create behavioural change in these people because they already have a mental fire wall separating cognitive thought from their chosen path.  Any actions they see as exacerbating a reduction in their precious freedom will only make them retreat further into stupidity.

Walk along Beaconsfield parade in Middle Park any Sunday afternoon during lockdown and watch the mask-less boofheads defiantly strut along seemingly fed by their own brain dead aggressive persona. 

Do I blame them for being angry?  Not really because even a ten year old can see ‘mismanagement-Andrews’ is out of his depth.  That same ten year old could also see Andrews desperately try to shift responsibility by prepending all statements with ‘based on health advice’ and/or emotive fear mongering words such as ‘highly infectious’ as though both of those disclaimers justify his actions.  They don’t.

The answer seems simple in that to stop the virus, stop the spreaders.  This is harder than enforcing an economy wrecking lockdown - which obviously does not stop those covid spreaders as a dropkick entitlement syndrome [DES] is alive and well. 

Mismanagement-Andrews must please take advice from statisticians who would have laughed at ‘the numbers’ he flaunts as justification for lockdowns. Traces of virus in country Victoria locks down the whole state costing millions [didn’t actually exist on retest] and one or two cases locking down a city of 5 million people [statistically absurd].

If it’s true, all we need to do is wear a mask, keep our distance and sanitise – often.  How hard can that be?  Unfortunately testing is ‘after infection’ and whilst vaccination will reduce chances of death it will still allow some spreading and, worse, the virus can apparently live on hard surfaces for an inordinate time.

Therefore the answer seems to be to encourage the spreaders to comply, by stick and carrot, without disastrous mis-management lockdowns penalising the innocent both financially and emotionally.

Firstly the ‘stick’.. If masks are SO important then those deliberately flaunting the rules need to be fined something in the order of $2,000 per offence.  Then, even the idiot can see that perhaps wearing a mask is better than shelling out $2k each time one is caught.  This is not a forever law but a temporary measure only until the virus is whacked.

Secondly the carrot ..   It seems vaccinations are our only long term solution and to that end EVERYONE must get vaccinated.  The carrot to achieve this is ‘the pass’ as has been introduced in France where fully vaccinated people enjoy greater freedoms after proving they have had the jab.  Those not wanting vaccination would not be allowed in restaurants, theatres, planes, etc.  Once again, a simple choice.  Get the jab, protect yourself, protect all those around you and enjoy a free life.  The option for those not wanting to protect our community is to stay at home.  A simple choice really, a choice everyone can understand.  Biden’s rules are similar – come to work but if you are unvaccinated then you must wear a mask, keep 1.5m distance to anyone and don’t travel. 

This can only happen with legislation allowing the police to blitz and fine and by making vaccination easy, plentiful and without grubby reporters selling fear and gloom as they have with AZ.  AZ is saving Britain!

The question is, ‘can mismanagement-Andrews make this happen?’  I hope so but then I doubt it.  His whole amnesiac management team [including health professionals] seem to be going down a different path.  A path of economic fatality and virus eradication failure despite his narcissistic power grab through state of emergency legislation.  I can’t imagine a worse person to hold that power.

The solution is to establish an arms length group of professionals to manage the pandemic with mismanagement-Andrews kept well away from any decision making.