Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

I took this picture circa 13 years ago of a Gargoyle on Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.  I just added the red background for obvious and current reasons.
A poignant reminder of futility and history.
The gargoyle has resigned to his fate, 'Oh not again'.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Dear children,
No, this salutation is not a light hearted attempt to discredit ‘some’ politicians.  It is indeed a statement alluding to demonstrated behaviour by politicians more akin to 5 year old tantrums or petulant immature teenagers with their behavioural ‘I’m not quite ready for the real world’ issues.  Perfectly natural for those two groups but disgraceful for the people who are supposed to lead our country.
I am writing this as a plea for all politicians to spend less time on personality driven small issues and more time and thought on a vision for Australia because it’s only from an accepted vision that ‘we’ can galvanise to collectively move forward.
I am not a fan of Mr Trump, to say the least, but his keepers came up with a fantastic 4 word vision which ALL people understand and rally behind.  ‘Make America Great Again’ is a great vision only flawed, in this case, by the behaviour of the person spouting it.  Unfortunately these negative behaviours are common amongst all so called supremacists in that they believe they are actually closer to their chosen deity which, in turn, makes ‘respect for all as a God given right’ impossible. 
But at least Mr Trump had the nous to start at the top rather than dribble around with minutia - which only leads to more minutia.
I was dragged up as a Liberal voter albeit not with eye’s closed.  Therefore I jumped ship a couple of times when I thought it necessary.  Indeed, I voted for Keating and personally told him so one evening because he was the best Liberal Prime Minister the labour party ever had and he achieved great things financially for Australia which has since saved our collective bacon on a number of occasions.  Perhaps a trifle direct in Parliament for me but very able to rally the troops when needed and he achieved ultimate respect.  Wahoo! 
And, this alludes to the second time when I voted for Hawke. Only for the reason he was able to galvanise the whole country behind him.  When we won the America’s cup he was beside himself and everyone followed.  Great stuff for a leader.  On the other side, I voted for Kennett because he had a vision for Victoria and led us out from the disaster labour left behind.  No question and unarguable.
Now we have a Victorian Premier who pontificates at length about building Victoria’s future by maintaining a few level crossings.  This is NOT visionary, it is minutia thinking!
The great leaders focus on vision and strategy and can see the strategic ‘jigsaw’ put together in their heads whilst the 'pontificators' search the same jigsaw in which to put a tiny piece of blue sky then crow about ‘blue sky’ success which, is unfortunately defined as ‘a state in which real world applications are not apparent’. 
Level crossings are ‘blue sky’ pieces.
We have a lot of minutia led blue sky crowers and very few visionaries.
Jon Langevad  MBA