Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sometimes it’s very hard not to attack the person behind stupid conduct instead of the conduct itself because, there are times when the extent and gravity of that conduct is so wrong and so abhorrent to our values and way of life, the person themselves must hold responsibility. 
Daniel Andrews, the leader of our current Government, refused to rule out introducing retrospective legislation to invalidate a lawful debt over the East West link for which he knows he is responsible. 
Unfortunately it’s all of us who suffer this conduct because he speaks for us and anything he does reflects on us as a State.
I can’t imagine the degree of ignorance and stupidity it takes to even contemplate this sort of action.  Retrospective legislation is an evil ploy of dull witted people because it is so abhorrent and so against our Westminster system of Government it beggars belief.
Can anyone imagine what this will do to our reputation as a place in which to invest or indeed the effect on our country’s credit rating?
This third world conduct by the current Premier is enough to call an immediate election because it threatens our very way of life. 
He has spent a good chunk of our surplus already and can fund few of his promises - even with forward estimates of 20 years plus. Now add on the costs of an imminent High Court challenge and subsequent payouts for the East West link plus the withdrawing of funding from the Federal Government and we are back to the days of Cain, Kirner, Bracks and Brumby.  Does anyone remember how much Bracks cost us as a State when Hull in his post as attorney general lost the court cases over Seal Rocks including a stupid appeal attempt?  Try $80,000,000 and that’s minor compared to the lawful default costs of East West link. Remember also that the Bracks Government at the time tried to blame anyone but themselves - as Andrews is currently attempting. 
Please, please not again.
Retrospective legislation is evil.  Our system of Government is sacrosanct as it protects us, supports us and makes us the envy of the world – why screw with it?
There’s a good reason our Judiciary is independent.

Jon Langevad