Monday, January 25, 2021

Pastor Court

andrews [small a] has once again showed absolute disrespect for anyone who doesn't agree with his view of the world.  He referred to Margaret Court as 'that women' in a desultory and insulting manner just the same way he referred to Mr Kennett as 'that man'.  And, that is only the start of the insults.

Remember Mrs Court is a pastor of the Pentecostal faith and preaches those beliefs just as Muslims do and Catholics do and as do Evangelists.

andrew's foul mouth fails to understand that people achieve excellence in something but may be wanting in something else.  As are we all.  For example andrews achieved excellence by getting elected but has failed dismally in managing our state.  No question and non debatable.

Mrs Court got the gong for playing tennis - end of story.  She was best in the world - no argument and Australia decided to recognise those achievements in line with her male counterpart, Rod Laver.  Not hard to understand.

As an indicator of the stupidity of andrew's assertions imagine taking his logic one step further.  Perhaps we should ban all catholics from getting any Australia medal because they ignored child torture by the church and indeed covered it up.  Catholics gone, not matter what good they do.  Hand back the medals.

How about banning Muslims because their values are 'different' to ours as expressed in their holy works.  According to andrews thay are all evil, devoid of doing good and can never get a gong.

Pastor Court expresses her religions views for all to hear in our 'free speech' country.   You don't have to agree or disagree just as you don't have to agree or disagree with roman catholicism [inquisition, torture, child abuse] or the creationist fools who believe the earth popped out circa 10,000 years ago [40% of Americans despite science] or those who believe killing infidels cements a place in heaven with a gaggle of vestal virgins - no women's rights there!

Personally, I choose to listen to everything with an open mind and dismiss the lunatics and the purveyors of untruths.

What next?  A person gets a gong for say nuclear medicine but it turns out he once 'slapped' his son for being a little prick.  That's it - remove the recognition as he must be evil to the core for bothering to keep his child on the straight and narrow.

Stupidity reigns.

Discuss the controversial things [not mere conversation] but recognise the good.  We are all flawed!

Pastor Court SHOULD be honoured for her tennis.  End of story.