Sunday, August 16, 2020

Andrews 3

When does maladministration turn into manslaughter?  How many deaths are on whose hands?  Are we so immune to death from this virus that we just accept another '12' people succumbed, then another 12 then another 25 and on and on and on?  We celebrate 'only' 9 deaths!  Are we that insular?

The rather glib statement 'unprecedented times' is used as the catch phrase to justify any and all actions.  The problem there is that a good chunk of the world was going through the pandemic well before us and we knew what was required, when it was required and by whom protection was supposed to be actioned.  There were many many precedents to learn from.  The problem arises when those precedents were ignored, people run around like headless chooks while the head part still pontificates at length with definitive me-me statements.  'It's just a flesh wound' comes to mind [Monty Python].  As bits fall off there is no recognition of impending disaster or, in this case, just more brain-mouth-body disconnect drivel from the chook's head.

This is not play time.  It is 'deadly' serious.  

Victoria is singled out as the pariah state being completely out of control with quarantine mal administered by people unable to manage a 2 person tea room.  Indeed Victoria alone refused national support with professional administration and it's put us in deep trouble with many many dead.  The chooks head was still pontificating as if it was still in control? 

My views on Premier Andrews and his handling of the Coronavirus are based on demonstrated behaviours and not the man.  After all, I don’t know him personally and plan to keep it that way.  He, as a person, is entitled to the same respect as everyone else.  My published focus is on his demonstrated ‘management’ and not party politics because it’s too easy to shoot the messenger with politics but bloody hard with management incompetence. 

Indeed, in last Saturday’s AFR it was revealed that the reporter who attempted to get Andrews to answer just who was responsible for the quarantine mess was subsequently pestered with all sorts of abuse, including death threats, from the zombie trolls most using the twitter hash tag ‘I stand with Dan’.  These people are the dross of our society but obviously support Andrews.  The fact that he doesn’t call them out is indicative.  I would have thought a ‘death threat’ from a moron was a tad close to hate speech and a criminal matter.  The very fact that he engenders this sort of ‘protection’ with his followers feeling the need to ‘kill’ those who question him is unfortunately indicative of Andrew’s behaviour.   Think what’s happening in HK at the moment.

Incidentally, I don’t think Andrews is evil as some portray, just a narcissistic incompetent based on his behaviour and able to get elected by that dross.  He is so far out of his depth it’s palpable.  Trump but on the other side.

It might be worth noting that the results of Andrews maladministration  has not only cost billions of dollars for Victoria and Australia but real peoples lives.  This is NOT the same as a corporate screw up as these ‘mistakes’ kill people.

 It is very pointed that all other states are doing well but not the pariah mendicant Victoria led by a narcissistic Premier who wants the limelight so much he alone refused help from the national government [being the other side of politics] to curb the outbreak in the form of the ADF and seems to be lying about he and his so called team attending briefings [AFR].

 I can understand the Prime Minister not openly criticising Andrews [Article – Roskam – AFR]  as it could be too dysfunctional but at what point can he no longer keep quiet?  We are currently seen by the rest of the world as fools and, we are because we put up with our state government unable to manage.

We need to remove Andrews from any position of authority in regard to Covid19 and install a ‘temporary’ professional management team.  

Every death is an exclamation point in this regard. 

Let Andrews deal with the basic minutia of running Victoria whilst the new at-arms-length ‘team’ stops this continuing disaster.  I can’t help but think of Beirut where maladministration ended so tragically.  This is not a political comment or a change in Government but a management issue. 

Critically Andrews spent the piggy bank before Covid19, borrowed billions to fund his ‘look at me’ spending, developed links with China for more money even against his own parties wishes and now is once more out of control – and I mean ‘out of control’ in the true sense of the words. 

Please bring in a professional management team of well known and respected people able to hit the ground running and transparently deal with Covid19 quickly before more money is lost, reputations are shredded and most importantly, more lives lost. 


Andrews needs to run the parking ticket branch and let the grownups deal with our state. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

AFCA and Zurich insurance

Dysfunction ... 

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority [AFCA] has been and is seemingly supporting Zurich insurance to avoid paying out lawful travel insurance claims.  Despite clear evidence.

 Zurich as a global company with teams of researchers, actuaries and analysts all mitigating risk through known events knew there was a pandemic looming circa 2019 [Covid19] which would [standard terms and conditions small print] negate any insurance claim yet they still took people’s money for travel insurance in that exact knowledge and knowing quite well that they would never have to pay out.  ‘A false pretence’.  Obtaining money under false pretences is at the very least fraudulent misrepresentation.

As long as AFCA fail to curb obvious dysfunctions there can and will be no change.  Following the Royal Commission’s scathing reports on companies such as Zurich and indeed the AFCA itself, it is indeed obvious that there is no change to past practices.

You may gather I am a little tense.