Tuesday, March 9, 2010

W Class Trams

We should think of Melbourne as a ‘new’ city, one devoid of history and culture because most people don’t give a toss.
For God’s sake, we have new sexy trams with bumblebee logos which waft us from place to place. They may be a bit plastic and ‘hose down’ but then isn’t that the direction we want to pursue? After all, individual character inculcates minority thinking and surly that’s bad, isn’t it?
Stand up for your rights and tell those past-glory imbeciles we want our transport to be as devoid of character as possible. Plastic hose down surfaces are great and really deter us from having errant thoughts about comfort or history or character. No thinking around here then!
Those damn W class trams are a prime example. They speak of Melbourne’s history, have an almost sensuous sound and have real wood on the inside. All factors which create unrest in our society. We need to become plastic people with no individual or emotive thoughts lest the evil ‘let’s show some character empire’ takes over with anarchy and free love as directives.
But, isn’t wood renewable and plastic not? Isn’t character what makes humans, human? Isn’t sensuous sound one of the basic senses to which we all fall in supplication? Isn’t Melbourne’s history one of culture? Aren’t we a society which believes our history defines who we are? Don’t we enjoy quirky and out-there?
On second thoughts, stuff the new trams – make more W class trams and enjoy the past.