Saturday, September 22, 2018


I don’t understand the hoopla and the political infighting about people’s education.  This infighting gets involved in both diatribe and minutia at the expense of what we want and need as a country.
If we want the best country in the world in which to live and prosper then there is no choice, all education at the median level must be funded and available to all.  This is not arguable. No education means no future either for the individual or the country.   A simple and understandable life’s axiom.
Given that simple overarching thought then it is clear we need to provide that median level through taxes etc so that every person can revel in the truism, ‘learning is fun’.  No question.  We all benefit!
And, once we learn we question and we improve and invent and forge new ideas that change our collective world.  Wow!!
And, all from ingesting a desire to learn and do better.
This is so simple it’s a no brainer.
To do this each and ‘every’ kid including those with different requirements, needs to be funded the same dollars by the collective to be offered this opportunity to experience ‘learning is fun’ and to progress from primary through secondary and tertiary if they can without the burden of having to pay per lesson. 
Some parents will choose to upgrade their kid’s education and that is their choice and nothing to do with anyone else.  It is between them and their school of choice. Not everyone can afford private schools and those private schools and their students must not be discriminated against by those unable to afford the private schools whilst pontificating at length about the subjugation of their unalienable rights.  Not everything is available to everyone else we would all be driving Ferrari's and living in Toorak.
Still, the basic tenet is strong. 
Now, the rider – ‘there is no free lunch!’  After ‘we’ pay for someone’s education then it is up to them to give back say a year to Australia at nominal salaries after they finish their education to R&D on some project which will have impact on Australia’s future.  Imagine if we had 200 people who had just graduated working with Senator Button in the 80’s on his Sunrise Industries Plan – we could have led the world, but we didn’t and we don’t.
Another benefit is that this programme throws young people into the real world after education but by creating a buffer between being coddled and getting a job.
So, we ingest learning is fun, we support all our kids to fly, we help them move graciously to the cut and thrust and we build our ‘smart country’ at breakneck speed. 
Can’t be bad.