Friday, July 10, 2020

andrews [small a]

Dear all,
Angry does not describe how I feel about Daniel Andrews. 
His government’s absolute mismanagement of our state has cost us, Victoria, literally billions.  Billions we don’t have because he’s spent it and had to borrow squillions from the Chinese just to feed his ongoing funds mismanagement.  The last time it was this bad was under Cain / Kirner. Go figure. 
Worse, Victoria is now the pariah state and seen as such by the rest of the country.  It’s cost us personally circa $30,000 over the 10 weeks of the last lockdown and something similar this time - and we are only one tiny little restaurant.  We will survive because we are financially secure – ish, have a great customer base and have planned for this sort of contingency.  Hundreds of businesses will not survive.
In terms of sport, he has finally figured out that we can still play golf because it’s naturally self distancing.  The rest of the country figured this out long ago and continued to play during the last lockdown.  We were then seen as a joke.  I despair.
Similar, archery is a non contact, naturally socially distancing sport.  This is a no-brainer.  Yet it’s banned.  Why, when golf driving ranges are open?  What’s wrong with archery when it’s so similar to the golf driving range?  No logic – no sense.  [UPDATE 15/7/20 - HE'S NOW BANNED DRIVING RANGES AS WELL]
We have a second pandemic wave because the premier sent a whole raft of mixed messages.  For example, allowing 10,000 people to march in the city.  She’ll be right mate. 
It’s not right, mate!  Idiot.
Now we have security guards also allocated by Andrews looking after hotel quarantine allegedly screwing detainees then tootling back to their family's with a healthy dose of COVID.  Fantastic.
How about a few religious festivals where bunches co-mingle generating more and more very healthy COVID infections which are on the march - with a healthy disregard for humans.
Then he gets on TV and espouses responsibility without taking blame for the absolute mismanagement.  Mismanagement which has cost us money, lives, huge disruption and a loss of reputation.  The KIWI travel bubble just burst. 
This is not a liberal / labour gripe, it’s a plea to get rid of Andrews before he destroys Victoria. What does it take for Victorians to see through this shambolic disaster?
We have been forced into this second and now necessary lockdown because of absolute mismanagement.  How many lives have been ruined by his continuing out of control crap.  No, it’s not easy but then there are supposed to be bunches of very bright people advising the Victorian government supporting good decisions.  Apparently not so.
This needs to be treated just like the rogue local councils which were stood down because of ineptitude and replaced by an interim bunch of ‘change agents’.
I look at the Victorian government hierarchy and, as I said before, despair.  Unfortunately the ability to get elected does not mean talent at anything other than getting elected.
Victoria has a narcissistic rogue government which is out of control but before we succumb and fold let’s bring in a focused management team to take over and try and resurrect disaster.
This is not a change in government, it is a change in responsibility.
And boy, are there several people who could make this happen in the short term, even if they were very very reluctant.  Paul Keating, Julie Bishop, Geoff Kennett, Peter Costello, Julia Gillard et alia.  Give me 10 minutes and even I could think of a team of 10 which could change the world.  People who are respected for their intelligence, ability to recognise and create change in the face of great odds and garner a following from us mere lemmings.  It would be nice if just one person could lead the change but there just aren’t too many Churchill's around.
If I can see this disaster as an overworked cook / dishwasher [now currently underworked] then everyone can. 
Speak up and stop the crap.
Langevad J  [MBA et alia]