Monday, August 16, 2021

Mismanagement of Covid19

‘The amnesiac [Coate’s enquiry], mismanagement-Andrews’, is out of control with Covid19.

Andrews’ actions propagate the self righteous / self entitled to openly defy public health orders.  These are the ‘covid spreaders’ caring little about anyone outside their own bubble whilst ignoring community responsibility.  Despite being labelled as ‘boofheads’ by the police they continue to ignore simple anti-death measures such as vaccination, masks, distancing and sanitising.  They could be big family groups insular to the health requirements of their community or just dropkicks unable to think past their nose.

Lockdowns are NOT going to create behavioural change in these people because they already have a mental fire wall separating cognitive thought from their chosen path.  Any actions they see as exacerbating a reduction in their precious freedom will only make them retreat further into stupidity.

Walk along Beaconsfield parade in Middle Park any Sunday afternoon during lockdown and watch the mask-less boofheads defiantly strut along seemingly fed by their own brain dead aggressive persona. 

Do I blame them for being angry?  Not really because even a ten year old can see ‘mismanagement-Andrews’ is out of his depth.  That same ten year old could also see Andrews desperately try to shift responsibility by prepending all statements with ‘based on health advice’ and/or emotive fear mongering words such as ‘highly infectious’ as though both of those disclaimers justify his actions.  They don’t.

The answer seems simple in that to stop the virus, stop the spreaders.  This is harder than enforcing an economy wrecking lockdown - which obviously does not stop those covid spreaders as a dropkick entitlement syndrome [DES] is alive and well. 

Mismanagement-Andrews must please take advice from statisticians who would have laughed at ‘the numbers’ he flaunts as justification for lockdowns. Traces of virus in country Victoria locks down the whole state costing millions [didn’t actually exist on retest] and one or two cases locking down a city of 5 million people [statistically absurd].

If it’s true, all we need to do is wear a mask, keep our distance and sanitise – often.  How hard can that be?  Unfortunately testing is ‘after infection’ and whilst vaccination will reduce chances of death it will still allow some spreading and, worse, the virus can apparently live on hard surfaces for an inordinate time.

Therefore the answer seems to be to encourage the spreaders to comply, by stick and carrot, without disastrous mis-management lockdowns penalising the innocent both financially and emotionally.

Firstly the ‘stick’.. If masks are SO important then those deliberately flaunting the rules need to be fined something in the order of $2,000 per offence.  Then, even the idiot can see that perhaps wearing a mask is better than shelling out $2k each time one is caught.  This is not a forever law but a temporary measure only until the virus is whacked.

Secondly the carrot ..   It seems vaccinations are our only long term solution and to that end EVERYONE must get vaccinated.  The carrot to achieve this is ‘the pass’ as has been introduced in France where fully vaccinated people enjoy greater freedoms after proving they have had the jab.  Those not wanting vaccination would not be allowed in restaurants, theatres, planes, etc.  Once again, a simple choice.  Get the jab, protect yourself, protect all those around you and enjoy a free life.  The option for those not wanting to protect our community is to stay at home.  A simple choice really, a choice everyone can understand.  Biden’s rules are similar – come to work but if you are unvaccinated then you must wear a mask, keep 1.5m distance to anyone and don’t travel. 

This can only happen with legislation allowing the police to blitz and fine and by making vaccination easy, plentiful and without grubby reporters selling fear and gloom as they have with AZ.  AZ is saving Britain!

The question is, ‘can mismanagement-Andrews make this happen?’  I hope so but then I doubt it.  His whole amnesiac management team [including health professionals] seem to be going down a different path.  A path of economic fatality and virus eradication failure despite his narcissistic power grab through state of emergency legislation.  I can’t imagine a worse person to hold that power.

The solution is to establish an arms length group of professionals to manage the pandemic with mismanagement-Andrews kept well away from any decision making.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

LEFT BANK Restaurant review

[These comments are NOT vitriolic, ego driven or subjugated by 'moronic troll syndrome'.  I only publish when I have something positive to say.]

We had a late lunch last Monday at 'Left Bank' on the river in Melbourne.  Fresh mussel pasta was fantastic the sauce being brilliant - yum.  Chicken curry - good.  The espresso was brain snapping - perfect - luke warm - no bitterness - glorious.  We are in the same business [Mon Ami restaurant in Fitzroy] and it's nice to be able to heap praise for a good job.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mr Prime Minister - attorney General, quotas and taking advice

 I am disappointed in your somewhat contrived response to pressure from morons.  You are the Prime Minister – act like it.  Fantastic job saving Australia from the worst ravages of Covid19 but bowing to unlawful demands just to appease those same low intellect morons is just lacking leadership as is failing to curb management failures.  3 issues.

Firstly, you have effectively convicted our Attorney General without evidence of anything other than speculation and ruined his life.  A 33 year old alleged incident that even the girl’s mother doubted ever happened due to her alleged state of mental health and tendency to ‘exaggerate’ [source - media reports only] does NOT constitute evidence of guilt but you have effectively condemned him to being ‘guilty’ by removing him from his portfolio.  This is appalling and just for the for the sake of easing political pressure.  Apart from disrespecting the law on innocent until PROVEN guilty you have come across as weak and bendable to sustained pressure from morons.  ALL boys and girls at 16/17 are on constant hormonal boot camp as a perfectly normal function of growing up.  All kids, at that age had and have one clear thought to turn into reality.  Indeed, a friend who takes on the role of Santa Clause every year at a major shopping centre talks to lots of kids about their wants and desires.  Fantastic job!  One day a girl whom he said must have been about 14 when asked what she wanted for Christmas said quite clearly and forthrightly, ‘sex’.  Santa nearly fell off his chair.  Indeed, I once had several ‘evil’ thoughts about Jane Fonda in the movie ‘Barbarella’ when I was but 20 years old – perhaps I should immediately instigate self flagellation for a ‘boy thought’ of some 50 years ago give up my job and become a lesser human being subject to ridicule and stoning [metaphor for hatred and abuse from people lodged in their own glass houses] in public places. Now, the drop-kick morons have effectively won because they and you have pilloried a person not lawfully guilty of anything and you have supported them.   Maybe he is guilty [?] but he deserves the same protection under our system of law as anyone else – innocent until proven guilty by a court – not just accused by rabid moronic trolls with their own agenda and supported by our own Prime Minister.
Secondly, instant and effective quotas for women in parliament as a political mea culpa is a direct insult to women and Australia.  Don’t bother with brain/mouth disconnect rhetoric just focus on what promoting women just because they are women actually says.  The clear implication is that they are weak and inferior needing a help up the ladder to positions of incompetence.  This latest ‘reshuffle’  is an obvious attempt to dissuade further political pressure.  Not good.  Over the years I have run consulting project teams all over the globe seeking corporate change and always sought a 50/50 gender split based on the actual job at hand and merit.  The simple fact is that women and men think and act differently and can come to a mutual solution based on that difference.  It is critical that the differences are accepted, celebrated and cherished else we get mea culpa promotions based on what are effectively quotas.  Quotas are an insult to women.  I realise it’s bloody hard when you, Mr. Prime Minister, have to select from a gaggle of people good at being rhetoric driven elected but wanting when it comes to real world political management.  Look at what happened in Victoria when 800 people died as a result of poor management and worse, when the whole senior ‘team of both genders’ from Andrews down suffered collective amnesia on who ticked off on a $30 m spend.  Makes the ‘Porter’ incident seem pretty irrelevant, doesn’t it. 
Thirdly and in my opinion one of the major jobs of the public service is to research and inform the political leaders on every issue with balanced strategic directives right down to feasibility opinions.  Ministers are not closer to God and need help.  There are gaggles of very very bright public servants itching to advise and be a part of our future.  All it takes is the respective politician and secretaries to heed that advise by turning off the brain – mouth disconnect.  A disconnect driven by political [read self advancement] agendas.  Every politician should have at least an IQ of 130 and a tertiary degree in something and be forced into proper debating school so as to be able to discuss [not merely converse] without shouty ‘I win because I am louder’ behaviour.  The screeching crap from both sides and genders in Parliament is demeaning.  Indeed, the term ‘representative’ of a politician’s electorate seems forever lost to grandstanding.  Proper debate is life enhancing but destroyed by the low intellect shouty people.  Perfect example – Biden / Trump so called debates.  Where is the measured response driven by responsibility and accountability?
So, Mr PM, firstly don’t listen to the moronic trolls but uphold the law, secondly develop a real transparent interactive gender position assimilation program and thirdly take advice as a leader and be shown to take advice without fear.  

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Queen

Like millions of right thinking people the antics of Harry and his wife ticking off the ‘firm’ in oh-so-sad rhetoric to a ‘shock-jockette’ are indicative of five year olds who have lost their play pen.  Even the fact that Meghan dragged Harry off to the land of short history, QAnon, Flatearthers and idiot creationists to get a hearing speaks volumes.  Then we have the ‘jockette’ determined to create headlines using him and her as rating catalysts.  It doesn’t get more pathetic.

We Australians, being the recent colonists, have a history going back millennia with ‘Royals’.  Not because they rule anything [don’t tell the Ghost of Gough] but because they represent our history and still create stability by the very fact that they and we have that millennia of history.

Can’t change history and history is what makes us!

There is no doubt we are all happy with Liz as our titular head of state and indeed the church of England into which I was abducted as a kid [none of this catholic stuff – note that those same Catholics have refused to give back any Australia medals despite condoning child abuse but still accuse Margaret Court for her beliefs]. 

I believe Liz is the worlds richest person and also acts as caretaker for her personal estates as well as many many state assets.  Big job preserving history and I believe that’s her role – to make sure the world has a safe place which recognises history.  The fact that she is not short of a quid is good news.  Harry and Meghan on the other hand seem to expect Liz to fund their lifestyle even after demonising the firm.  I just don’t understand the stupidity associated with this.  Harry was patron of the Invictus games – a great initiative – but seems to have also thrown that away losing all military rank and probably the title ‘Duke’.  

In short, we need our Queen as a measure of stability and grace.  We need to see royal ‘being human’ spats but most importantly how they are handled – with stability and grace.  We need to be able to compare a class act with say Trump to realise there is a better way.

So yes, you royalists, our Queen is a class act and what she stands for in terms of our history is just plain great!  Further, we have her system of Government which is absolutely the world's best with checks and balances everywhere.  No republican president with powers of pardon et alia and no dictator ‘for life’ rule.  Their systems are broken, ours are not.

Long live our continuing monarchy as they represent who we have been and who we are.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Pastor Court

andrews [small a] has once again showed absolute disrespect for anyone who doesn't agree with his view of the world.  He referred to Margaret Court as 'that women' in a desultory and insulting manner just the same way he referred to Mr Kennett as 'that man'.  And, that is only the start of the insults.

Remember Mrs Court is a pastor of the Pentecostal faith and preaches those beliefs just as Muslims do and Catholics do and as do Evangelists.

andrew's foul mouth fails to understand that people achieve excellence in something but may be wanting in something else.  As are we all.  For example andrews achieved excellence by getting elected but has failed dismally in managing our state.  No question and non debatable.

Mrs Court got the gong for playing tennis - end of story.  She was best in the world - no argument and Australia decided to recognise those achievements in line with her male counterpart, Rod Laver.  Not hard to understand.

As an indicator of the stupidity of andrew's assertions imagine taking his logic one step further.  Perhaps we should ban all catholics from getting any Australia medal because they ignored child torture by the church and indeed covered it up.  Catholics gone, not matter what good they do.  Hand back the medals.

How about banning Muslims because their values are 'different' to ours as expressed in their holy works.  According to andrews thay are all evil, devoid of doing good and can never get a gong.

Pastor Court expresses her religions views for all to hear in our 'free speech' country.   You don't have to agree or disagree just as you don't have to agree or disagree with roman catholicism [inquisition, torture, child abuse] or the creationist fools who believe the earth popped out circa 10,000 years ago [40% of Americans despite science] or those who believe killing infidels cements a place in heaven with a gaggle of vestal virgins - no women's rights there!

Personally, I choose to listen to everything with an open mind and dismiss the lunatics and the purveyors of untruths.

What next?  A person gets a gong for say nuclear medicine but it turns out he once 'slapped' his son for being a little prick.  That's it - remove the recognition as he must be evil to the core for bothering to keep his child on the straight and narrow.

Stupidity reigns.

Discuss the controversial things [not mere conversation] but recognise the good.  We are all flawed!

Pastor Court SHOULD be honoured for her tennis.  End of story.