Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 There is something intrinsically and inherently wrong with any manager who is responsible for other people’s money failing to take responsibility and validate the spending process.  A manager does not just spend a few million dollars without exact validation from those in charge.  Doing so is criminal. 

With Andrews spending millions of dollars of our money on private contractors in hotel quarantine there can be no ‘creeping assumptions’ as to who actually ticked the ‘spend’ box.  This is not play time, there are millions of dollars of our money seemingly spent for no reason as the ADF were offered for nothing and 800 are dead.

This is not a political statement, it is a comment on the appalling management and consequent mal administration of the hotel quarantine program in Victoria.  Circa 800 innocent people lost their lives as a direct result of that mal administration.

If a manager did that in the private sector they would most probably be charged with fraudulent funds misappropriation but at the very least fired for stupidity.  With Andrews it seems that level of mismanagement is accepted as the norm.  Funds misappropriation and stupidity are accepted.

Politicians are good at getting elected and convincing us lemmings that they are strong, honest, knowledgeable and able.  Remarkably, even in the face of proven disaster contradicting all those attributes, some will ignore incompetence and continue supporting obvious stupidity.  After the Royal Commission into banking many many CEO’s and executives and board members were forced to fall on their sword.  Yet, Andrews survives.  How?

Any acceptance of a ‘creeping assumption’ should immediately trigger replacement of the entire management team for incompetence leading to mal-administration and also trigger civil and criminal investigation leading to charges.  Remember at stake there are millions of dollars and sadly circa 800 lives lost.

This is serious.  Monetary losses alone will top a trillion dollars, many people are dead, there are major issues with decreasing mental health and our country is going backwards thanks to Andrews mismanagement.

Just today NSW and VIC have almost the same number of cases yet NSW is firing on all fronts whilst Vic suffers draconian lockdown measures at the behest of Andrews and his incompetent management team.  For example NSW has a 2sqm rule for outside dining and a 4sqm rule for inside dining.  We have take home only with dining in prohibited!  26 weeks of lockdown for Victoria after Andrews bungled management

The cost to Victoria in lost productivity will be literally trillions.

A new management team is mandatory!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Lock down in Victoria - government in fear

 The Andrews government in Victoria is responsible for some 800 deaths [800 of the 900 for the whole of Australia!], billions of dollars of debt for Victoria and Australia and the bankrupting of thousands of small business.  As every part of ‘Australia’ faced the same pandemic it is indeed obvious that Victoria’s failures were specific to Victoria and Andrews.

Obviously, Andrews and his key advisors [the memory lapse 8 et alia] lacked or knowingly suppressed [for private political agenda reasons as no one in their right mind kills 800 people!] the necessary intellect to construct the correct course of action remembering the rest of Australia was and is fine.

Victoria failed.

Indeed the facts were known and there were worldwide precedents to learn from yet Andrews ignored those facts and the second wave was born out of the mal-administration of hotel quarantine.   Apart from his lack of cognition choosing the wrong course of action Andrews and his so called team couldn’t step back and deal with the outbreak at an intellectual level [thus affecting success] but instead choosing to display a complete lack of actual intelligence with knee jerk ‘rules’ set at random without validation by experts.

Fear had set in.  Fear at government level is dangerous as the action of conation drives knee jerk actions based on that fear rather than intellect driving ‘step back’ thought.  The four modes in this respect are determine real facts, take quick action to halt dysfunction, implement long term fixes and follow through reforming and adapting on the way.  Not rocket science.

The federal government analysed the global situation, closed the borders and set in train the need to quarantine those seen at risk.  The same federal government also offered expert support to enable the states to deal with the quarantine thereby taking care of the first two management issues. 

Australia at this point seemed to be leading the world in decisive action so now it was up to the states to implement and follow through the quarantine process.  People were dying all over the world so the need for urgent action was critical but driven by cognition and intellect.

Victoria failed. 

Instead of implementing successful strategies with the support of the federal government as did the other states, Victoria decided to spend a few more million contracting private untrained security guards to monitor the quarantine process.  The result being some 800 deaths from a 99+% certainty those deaths were the result of maladministration of that private security.  Cognition and intellect had taken a back seat.

Now, fear had really set in but with rampant obfuscation, politicisation and blame shifting.  Those in charge were out of their depth both cognitively and intellectually.  Sheer panic and the fear of being blamed drove Andrews to want to be seen as the saviour instigating knee jerk curfews, travel restrictions et alia all the while the wearing of masks, social distancing and basic hygiene were proven to be the most effective anti-covid measures.  The Andrews lockdown is causing thousands of bankruptcies and significant mental health issues which has and is decimating our state.  No other state has chosen Victoria’s so called remedy because their systems were in place using the federal government’s offered support.  No out of control ego, no empty rhetoric just cognitive action driven by intellect.

Victoria failed and it’s cost Australia some $14 billion dollars and 800+ deaths.  This so dysfunctional and punctuated by the fact that NSW has more cases than us but is open and thriving.  NSW manages the outbreak whilst we have a dearth of cognitive intellect.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Collective amnesia at ministerial level

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he’ [proverbs 29:18] – The so called crisis council being Daniel Andrews, James Merlino, Tim Pallas, Jacinta Allan, Jenny Mikakos, Jill Hennessy, Martin Pakula and Lisa Neville obviously had no vision, no oversight, no responsibility,  no management expertise and it seems no memory as all suffered inexplicable group amnesia over the refusal to use the offered ADF but instead to use private contractors costing millions of dollars and 800 lives.  Failing to act in good faith is a failure to ‘keepeth the law’ with the result being confusion and chaos with no concrete ‘vision’ of returning to normal.   

Once more unto the breach [a second wave of Covid] we are still stuck in minutia by being enveloped in a blame game that is both brain dead and dysfunctional but is still costing innocent lives and billions of dollars.  Please don’t blame others or point to other countries misfortunes because Australia was under control with Covid 19 until Ruby Princess [28 dead] and Andrews quarantine maladministration [800 dead!]. 

This is a ‘management’ issue where elected politicians with little management experience pontificate from on high whilst the visionless minions try to make sense of gross stupidity and criminal mismanagement.  800 deaths and a trillion dollar debt is criminal. 

There is no doubt that the Victorian labor government has been and is responsible for putting Victorians at risk through and by the mal administration of the so called second wave.  Not only though as there is still the ramping up of unsustainable debt, not having a clear vision for Victoria, selling our sovereignty to a rogue power and failing to even make common sense.  Andrews is the self appointed leader of that dysfunction but not the only culprit.  The ‘gang of 8’ comes to immediate mind as a group of senior government people so far out of their comfort zone that collective amnesia has set in - as ably demonstrated at ‘the enquiry’. 

No one is to blame so it seems for 800 deaths and a trillion dollar debt. No, not me, can’t remember, no one told me, my computer crashed, was sick that day, the dog ate the memo, aliens stole the email.  Sadly, these are responsible adults holding down key management jobs yet they come across as 10 year old kids determined to get out of trouble by any obfuscation or fabrication possible.

It’s pathetic but worse it’s ‘adult’ pathetic with known consequences.  Acting in bad faith doesn’t even come close.  Mindless narcissistic drivel but with enormous ramifications for their victims – us! 

It’s easy to devolve to minutia during periods of brain overload, as a matter of fact sometimes necessary to keep our sanity.  But, this is not what we pay our leaders for.  We pay them to actually think strategically.  Simple.  Shouty is not good.

This last week has been all about minutia and finger pointing over small things.  Good television but led by pontificating idiots focused on blame shifting away from themselves.

May I repeat, this current so called second wave has been caused by the collective labor government and bureaucratic affiliates with each identified player adding their useless two bob’s worth.  Let’s focus on 800 deaths and a trillion dollar debt instead of who said what to whom at 3:27pm.  Or, is that too hard?  Simple statistics show huge flaws in management and rhetoric.

It is a management problem!

Andrews has been and is wallowing in a sea of ineptitude.  Not only are his shortcomings on show but it seems all concerned are also wallowing.  This second wave should never have occurred yet it did because of sheer incompetence by a whole gaggle  of politicians, bureaucrats, advisors and public officials.  “I am too senior and beyond reproach”.  Yeah, right.

The solution?  We, the affected, demand Andrews and his cohorts apply some degree of intelligence to fixing the mess they created.  Not only Covid19 but the debt burden and the sale of Victoria to a foreign power.  Can they do this?  No.  They need help in the form of real and proven leaders from all sides of politics.  Think what Don Argus did for Coles Myer after a management import created disaster.  A calming strategic influence – right time right place.

I mean really, a curfew no one wanted or thought necessary [except Andrews], draconian lockdowns the same professionals thought unnecessary and a political ‘roadmap’ which was and is a joke to any business or indeed any thinking person.

I would be happier if it was the same Mexicans who invaded Telstra management and tried to screw the company before an Australian steadied the ship [Thodey]. In that case one could just ship them back to their home hole in the ground but we have an elected Government bent on staying in power by any means.

Therefore, we are stuck with the labor collective for a while albeit they must accept support from the real adults lest we all sink. Adults who think strategically such as Kennett, Keating, Costello and Gillard.

Oblivion is but a small step when good people fail to act - 800 lives lost and a trillion dollar debt is not political playtime.  When the country divides, political leaders have failed.  Simple, but watch the fools try and shoot the messenger.

It’s a shame that the pandemic response is but one of Andrews failures.  A big one, but just one.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Andrews again!!

 Why am I upset with the Victorian government [small g]?

When Alan Bond was caught and had to answer questions he had inexplicable memory failure yet some time later he came good-ish both physically and mentally.  Go figure.
This current enquiry into the hotel quarantine mal administration also seems to attract similar memory loss .  Chris Eccles [Andrews department head – slight similarity to 1950’s ‘The Goons’] admitted to receiving email re ADF offer yet couldn’t remember passing it on to anyone.  An offer this important just slipped from memory.  If this is the case then he is incompetent in the extreme.  If he did in fact pass it on then the plot thickens.  It is reported that Andrews did get the offer but, inexplicably, also had his own bout of memory loss.
And, if that’s not bad enough, Andrews wants more power through and by the brand new Omnibus bill.  This would allow Andrews to authorise anyone he sees fit to detain [arrest] people whom they ‘deem’ a health risk.  This health risk can be as little as passing someone who is ‘suspected’ of say having COVID19.  Imagine a scene where a few pimply faced untrained so called Andrews authorised health official goons [no similarity to 1950’s the ‘Goons’] arrest people walking around Albert Park lake during their allotted 2 hours of exercise because they happened to pass a person, also walking, who had the temerity to sneeze during hay fever season thereby being deemed to be a health risk.  Perhaps Andrews could re purpose the physically larger tram inspectors, as no one rides trams anymore, with say 10 minutes of training, a few warm handshakes and a special mask covering their identity.  Their kit could include truncheons, spit masks, pepper spray, Tasers and of course cable tie wrist and ankle restraints.  Only the select few would have assault rifles.  To be fair they would have to treat all the same including kids, the disaffected, the weak, the stupid and all gender varieties.  Now the Andrews goons have pounced they would have to do something with the deemed infected.  Enter Gulag 13 which is a razor wire fenced off area on a golf course somewhere [unused as Andrews banned golf] where miscreants are re-educated with electricity to the temples and sent to forced labour [not labor] camps [the new hotel quarantine] for 14 days.  There would be wall to wall photographs of Andrews with thought bubbles – me me me me].  Trite?  Perhaps those of lesser risk could be transferred to nursing homes as they are now nearing empty because past residents have succumbed to the same Corona Virus mal administration.   As someone was reported as saying [paraphrased],’the greatest failure of a public health management event ever!’
The Andrews government is heading towards the above.  He continually seeks more and more power yet has been proven absolutely incompetent and unable to manage.  He has the blood of hundreds of people on his hands as the second wave has been 99.9% caused by hotel quarantine failures.  Would you let a failed bus driver take your kids to school day after day?  Answer, no!  Yet we allow Andrews to remain as the man in charge despite selling us out to a foreign power, bringing in companies owned by that power to control infrastructure, sending us bankrupt and mal administering a simple hotel quarantine which everyone else got right.
Perhaps we Victorians are all evil and we are getting Andrews as punishment for our sins?

Monday, September 14, 2020

Political Leadership?


I am staggered at the dearth of leadership noticeably in Victoria and Queensland.  Leadership being defined as an ability to ‘lead’ ALL the lemmings [us] in the exact knowledge that we are on board through and by having confidence in that leader.  This is simple business 101.  The other day the QLD pontificators stopped a single girl from seeing her dying father whilst allowing a funeral for 80 and allowing even more people into the state with ‘money’.   Those double standards by the premier and her health person were and are appalling yet they still fronted the media with their tough talking ‘I am -  me me me’ persona. Sad.

In Victoria we have a small p premier wallowing around out of control.  Take for example his latest magnanimous gesture promising financial relief for some Victorians - all about Andrews acting in control.  Not so.  Remember it is on his watch that we even have a second wave – his mismanagement.  Now, he is borrowing money in OUR names in order to give it back to us as the totem top benefactor. We, as a state, will be paying this back for years and years.  The fact that it’s necessary is the real issue.

Whose fault is it that the idiot protestors are so ill informed and defiant of the law with zero respect for seemingly anyone or  anything?  As clearly demonstrated on TV, these people have the collective intelligence of an ant wanting to disrupt rather than discuss.  They believe, just like Andrews, that their opinions rule.   Me me me!  I feel for the police.  They watch the power crazy premiers pontificate, bluster and stare down us lemmings from on high and they think that way of leading and interacting is normal. It’s not.

This pandemic is not of our doing but how we handle it most certainly is.  Problems occur when ego trips up reason, when drivel follows a brain-mouth disconnect and when even the dross of our society show open disrespect for anything.  Leadership has failed when society fragments.  Simple.

There are very few ‘leaders’ around which is why it’s so important for any person in charge to recognise their shortcomings and seek continual and transparent guidance from experts.  All the mouthpiece has to to do then is convey reality.  Not dramatised, or sugar coated but in a way which all us lemmings can understand and get on board.  One shouty protestor yesterday stated quite clearly that there was no pandemic as it was all a government hoax.  Wow!  They will have to live with stupidity for the rest of their lives but the rest of us don’t have to devolve to open mouthed stares and short shuffle walks.

All we need is a leader who actually leads.

Saturday, September 12, 2020



Rowan Dean [AFR] wrote of Premier Andrews - “.. a cesspit of self indulgent cosmopolitan culture and disastrous financial management.. ” and “… secret deals signed with Beijing overlords …” and “… his bungling treasurer …” .  His opinion of his Federal counterpart was not much better.  “… the scheming eunuch Al-Bo and his insane proclamations which would send Australia into a death spiral”. [paraphrased but not much]

Alas, Victoria has devolved, with this premier in charge, from a debt free prosperous and viable state to one of eye watering debt owed to ‘someone’ who will expect interest and security.  That someone will own some $100 billion’s worth of Victoria.  Yes, nearly a trillion dollars in debt over 7 or 8 years of mismanagement.  We are now the pariah mendicant state.

How about secret deals with a regime which has, does and is proving on a daily basis to ignore the world in which it sits thereby putting our sovereignty at risk [HK, Taiwan, Sth China Sea, global trade rules, the WHO, Australia, USA, et alia].   He is also spending billions of our money on a ‘look at me’ power trip [ for example the subway and level crossings being built by a Chinese company] whilst ignoring offered funding from the Federal government on independently identified essential infrastructure [East West link - $1.2b thrown away].  How about funding the destruction of heritage properties [Sandringham golf course $10m] and destroying an inner suburban golf driving range to build more netball courts without thought of massive parking issues and whilst there is an existing huge netball centre 5 minutes away.  How about proving a lack of rational thought by banning activities during our exposure to the global pandemic such as fishing, golf and archery which are all, by their very nature, social distancing.  All as a “look at me I’m doing something to stop this pandemic all by myself”.  No other state followed suit.  Go figure.

Indeed, he and Victoria are a laughing stock from Canberra and from every other state.   He is on his own in the real world and out of control but out of control threatening our sovereignty, our financial security and our future.  People are dying! He even claims to have closed the country’s borders despite the Prime Minister doing just that.  Perhaps it didn’t occur to him that he CAN’T close ‘national’ borders or claim credit.



The so called second wave is all Andrews doing in that he refused to listen to the others who got it right [everyone else], refused to accept help [ADF with contact tracing], refused the bees knees of contact tracing software and instigated draconian ‘look at me’ rules [curfew] which no expert believes will do any good but many believe will exacerbate mental harm.  Now we find out he deliberately misled parliament, the police and health services. History proves just how badly conceived and managed that was - mal administered and mal managed – knee jerk crap from people who shouldn’t be let run a two person tea room. After refusing expert help he spent millions of dollars of our money on private security firms without safeguards or oversight. This terrible management decision by Andrews caused the so called second wave with further losses of billions more dollars for Victoria and Australia PLUS a loss of productivity which will have an eye watering number attached.  Far worse, this has cost hundreds of lives – all as a direct result of Andrews look at me inept management.

He has recently removed support for circa 50,000 tradies [sole traders] and partnerships that don’t employ others.  Obviously he doesn’t believe sole traders or small business are worth saving.

His thinking and statements are truly bizarre.  He has mooted a 9pm curfew [from 8pm] providing we mere lemmings are very very good and he has said restaurants will be allowed to open stressing outside dining and density limits on inside.  A couple of issues therein.  Firstly, this is Melbourne we live in with its very changeable weather so no, outside dining will never replace inside.  Secondly people will have to race through a very early dinner to get home by 8/9pm.  Obviously Andrews does not go out a lot because this will just not happen.



Personally I would like to see all those responsible frog marched out of Parliament into their own quarantine centre for say 6 months socialising with all the known Covid19 infected – as they have let happen to others!  And yes, pay for their own hotel room and meals.  However, realistically or lawfully that will not happen and we cannot change Government on a whim as much as I would like to.

But, in the short term, what we can do is change responsibility for critical issues such as anything threatening our sovereignty, spending and anything to do with Covid19 and, for good measure, throw in dealing with homelessness.  Let Andrews run the day to day minutia whilst bringing in a team of proven ‘can-do’ people [those that can galvanise transparent action] to get us back on track - just as in dealing with rogue suburban councils.

The irony of this is that this is what Andrews should have done from the start.  If you don’t have the expertise then, go and get it.  Simple business 101! Don’t pontificate with ‘look at me’ rhetoric whilst the state is haemorrhaging and people are dying.

Harsh?  It can’t get more serious on several fronts.  Andrews needs to admit a problem and bring in the new short term can-do management team.  In this he will be seen as strong, in control and delivering for the people of Victoria as a leader who recognises when to get help.  Reverse narcissism – good! 

Send out a distress call to well proven leaders and experts for help.  How about Keating, Kennett, Costello and Gillard establishing an expert team to bring us back on track.  Wow!  Great people all, bi-partisan and proven leaders.  Just 3 months and we could be seen once again as the state that deals with issues on the front foot, quietly, respectfully and with transparent purpose.

Premier, please lead from the rear – a long way to the rear!


Monday, September 7, 2020

Andrews 4


Very broadly speaking, there are two types of people who deal with planning but from different perspectives and mindsets.  Each has a role to play but rarely do both attributes reside in the one person. 

There are the ‘block’ people who build success by gradual change from the bottom up.  This is the minutia set, the people who are happiest when dealing with individual issues and are critical to the success of basically everything.   Nuts and bolts!  Without their dedication to keeping stuff happening we would not have a world.  Their ‘escape’ is for example ‘science fiction’ where their brains can wax lyrical and expand into the unknown.

The second lot are the ‘jigsaw’ people who can visualise the big picture and how all the bits fit.  There are less of these people because the demand is less.  Dealing with minutia for these people is hard because inherent focus is different.   Their escape is to for example to meticulously clean the golf clubs before challenging the unwinnable [grass].

This gets really hard for sole traders and small business people.  ‘Poiders Plumbing’ is run by a block person happily dealing with minutia but needs to understand and market himself as a jigsaw person in order to thrive.  Wendy’s events business is all about bringing together the many facets of a function to create success but has real difficulty in hands on.  Different people, different jobs.

In management there is a dysfunction line when people cross the boundary between minutia and jigsaw - either way.  A great manager decides to ‘roll up his sleeves’ and get stuck in.  A noble cause?  Not really.  It may be therapeutic for a while but his mindset is in a different place and it will not work long term.  But, every now and again, devolving to minutia is a defence mechanism to stop us going crazy.  Going the other way, the minutia person enters an expanded universe over the line and is immediately uncomfortable because there is no one-thing on which to focus.  Again, it will not work.  Everyone has heard the expression, ‘promoted to a level of incompetence’.  Well, this can be a reason why.

This dysfunction rears its ugly head when we look at our elected representatives coming from all walks of life expected to cement our collective future in a changing world.  They love the election because they can pontificate at length about single issues pretending they are in control.  Not so.  The ‘look at me’ syndrome is born of shouty people who would be better served by a job within the bureaucracy.  Shout long enough and people will believe. 

An expression used a lot by people who are basically out of control is ‘we are working hard’ but all they are really saying is that they are in fact out of control and having to work harder and harder to keep their collective heads above water.

The in control person says, ‘We are achieving our published goals and, this is how we are doing it’.

In charge, but wallowing around without a clear and communicated vision and subsequent plan does not cut it.  It confuses the block people trying to action anything and it confuses those who need to know.


When a crisis hits all the management flaws come to the surface.  Good times management is relatively easy as all is tickety boo and we ignore small issues because in the big picture they don’t really matter.  ‘She’ll be right mate’.  And, for the ‘lucky country’, this axiom has worked for years and years.

Now we have an axiom contradictor in the form of a virus threatening and indeed changing our way of life.  The pressure is on and merely ‘working hard’ is insufficient.

Andrews ‘roadmap’ delivered yesterday as a plan to beat the contradictor was inept because it had no vision other than ‘please God may the virus go away if we are all good little boys and girls’.  There was no vision of a future other than a return of sorts to pre-Covid.  He delivered same in his shouty voice and stare down manner trying to be seen as in control.

Yet we know, he was responsible for the mal administration causing this second wave, huge monetary losses and hundreds of lives.  He is out of control and has been for the last 8 years.  An elected representative out of his comfort zone but refusing to do what all good managers do, seek advice from experts, develop a vision people can identify with and take transparent action to achieve that future.

Hard?  Of course it’s hard.  It’s hard in good times let alone during a crisis.

Victoria has a tough road to follow to get out of the world perception that we are the out of control pariah mendicant state.  We need a mantra which can both lead and enthuse. If I may quote from Robin Sharma - “I am more than I appear to be, all the worlds strength & power rests inside me.” A great line which could also serve Victoria well as we bolt out of this crisis.  Victoria - "I am more than I am being quiet, determined, respectful and focussed." 

This is the sort of focussing vision we need to be supported by a bunch of real goals thrusting us into the future.  Not a minutia led ‘level crossing maintenance’ objective but real visionary stuff.  The sort of vision Keating, Button and Howard had, combined with the strength Hawke had to galvanise a nation, the financial smarts of Costello and the CEO Premier showcased by Kennett.

What we have is quite different.  We have a minutia led Premier trying to focus on just one thing being to eradicate the virus.  It happened on his watch and he is responsible for the mal administration costing billions of our dollars and many many lives.  He needs to fix it.

But is he capable?  Obviously a minutia / block thinker trapped in a jigsaw thinking job.  So, no he is not capable.  Worse, he has refused to recognise obvious shortcomings and get appropriate help.

None of us can claim to be the absolute fund of all knowledge but the better of us recognise this and seek support.  The more serious the matter the more this is critical.

Obviously, my opinion of Andrews is not very high as it relates to the job he is not doing.  But it doesn’t mean there is not a way out.  Andrews needs to cede management control for Covid 19 to an expert team removed from government – as good managers who know their limits do.  He also needs to develop a vision for Victoria which people will gladly follow.  He needs to communicate a positive ‘carrot driven’ plan to extract ourselves from Covid normal to be seen globally as a dynamic state dealing with pressure.  He also needs to develop a set of long term goals people will flock to.  Then he needs to action those goals through transparent plans communicable to us mere lemmings.

Basically, business 101.

We don’t have basic business ‘101’.  We have people trapped in the wrong job.


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Andrews 3

When does maladministration turn into manslaughter?  How many deaths are on whose hands?  Are we so immune to death from this virus that we just accept another '12' people succumbed, then another 12 then another 25 and on and on and on?  We celebrate 'only' 9 deaths!  Are we that insular?

The rather glib statement 'unprecedented times' is used as the catch phrase to justify any and all actions.  The problem there is that a good chunk of the world was going through the pandemic well before us and we knew what was required, when it was required and by whom protection was supposed to be actioned.  There were many many precedents to learn from.  The problem arises when those precedents were ignored, people run around like headless chooks while the head part still pontificates at length with definitive me-me statements.  'It's just a flesh wound' comes to mind [Monty Python].  As bits fall off there is no recognition of impending disaster or, in this case, just more brain-mouth-body disconnect drivel from the chook's head.

This is not play time.  It is 'deadly' serious.  

Victoria is singled out as the pariah state being completely out of control with quarantine mal administered by people unable to manage a 2 person tea room.  Indeed Victoria alone refused national support with professional administration and it's put us in deep trouble with many many dead.  The chooks head was still pontificating as if it was still in control? 

My views on Premier Andrews and his handling of the Coronavirus are based on demonstrated behaviours and not the man.  After all, I don’t know him personally and plan to keep it that way.  He, as a person, is entitled to the same respect as everyone else.  My published focus is on his demonstrated ‘management’ and not party politics because it’s too easy to shoot the messenger with politics but bloody hard with management incompetence. 

Indeed, in last Saturday’s AFR it was revealed that the reporter who attempted to get Andrews to answer just who was responsible for the quarantine mess was subsequently pestered with all sorts of abuse, including death threats, from the zombie trolls most using the twitter hash tag ‘I stand with Dan’.  These people are the dross of our society but obviously support Andrews.  The fact that he doesn’t call them out is indicative.  I would have thought a ‘death threat’ from a moron was a tad close to hate speech and a criminal matter.  The very fact that he engenders this sort of ‘protection’ with his followers feeling the need to ‘kill’ those who question him is unfortunately indicative of Andrew’s behaviour.   Think what’s happening in HK at the moment.

Incidentally, I don’t think Andrews is evil as some portray, just a narcissistic incompetent based on his behaviour and able to get elected by that dross.  He is so far out of his depth it’s palpable.  Trump but on the other side.

It might be worth noting that the results of Andrews maladministration  has not only cost billions of dollars for Victoria and Australia but real peoples lives.  This is NOT the same as a corporate screw up as these ‘mistakes’ kill people.

 It is very pointed that all other states are doing well but not the pariah mendicant Victoria led by a narcissistic Premier who wants the limelight so much he alone refused help from the national government [being the other side of politics] to curb the outbreak in the form of the ADF and seems to be lying about he and his so called team attending briefings [AFR].

 I can understand the Prime Minister not openly criticising Andrews [Article – Roskam – AFR]  as it could be too dysfunctional but at what point can he no longer keep quiet?  We are currently seen by the rest of the world as fools and, we are because we put up with our state government unable to manage.

We need to remove Andrews from any position of authority in regard to Covid19 and install a ‘temporary’ professional management team.  

Every death is an exclamation point in this regard. 

Let Andrews deal with the basic minutia of running Victoria whilst the new at-arms-length ‘team’ stops this continuing disaster.  I can’t help but think of Beirut where maladministration ended so tragically.  This is not a political comment or a change in Government but a management issue. 

Critically Andrews spent the piggy bank before Covid19, borrowed billions to fund his ‘look at me’ spending, developed links with China for more money even against his own parties wishes and now is once more out of control – and I mean ‘out of control’ in the true sense of the words. 

Please bring in a professional management team of well known and respected people able to hit the ground running and transparently deal with Covid19 quickly before more money is lost, reputations are shredded and most importantly, more lives lost. 


Andrews needs to run the parking ticket branch and let the grownups deal with our state. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

AFCA and Zurich insurance

Dysfunction ... 

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority [AFCA] has been and is seemingly supporting Zurich insurance to avoid paying out lawful travel insurance claims.  Despite clear evidence.

 Zurich as a global company with teams of researchers, actuaries and analysts all mitigating risk through known events knew there was a pandemic looming circa 2019 [Covid19] which would [standard terms and conditions small print] negate any insurance claim yet they still took people’s money for travel insurance in that exact knowledge and knowing quite well that they would never have to pay out.  ‘A false pretence’.  Obtaining money under false pretences is at the very least fraudulent misrepresentation.

As long as AFCA fail to curb obvious dysfunctions there can and will be no change.  Following the Royal Commission’s scathing reports on companies such as Zurich and indeed the AFCA itself, it is indeed obvious that there is no change to past practices.

You may gather I am a little tense.

Friday, July 10, 2020

andrews [small a]

Dear all,
Angry does not describe how I feel about Daniel Andrews. 
His government’s absolute mismanagement of our state has cost us, Victoria, literally billions.  Billions we don’t have because he’s spent it and had to borrow squillions from the Chinese just to feed his ongoing funds mismanagement.  The last time it was this bad was under Cain / Kirner. Go figure. 
Worse, Victoria is now the pariah state and seen as such by the rest of the country.  It’s cost us personally circa $30,000 over the 10 weeks of the last lockdown and something similar this time - and we are only one tiny little restaurant.  We will survive because we are financially secure – ish, have a great customer base and have planned for this sort of contingency.  Hundreds of businesses will not survive.
In terms of sport, he has finally figured out that we can still play golf because it’s naturally self distancing.  The rest of the country figured this out long ago and continued to play during the last lockdown.  We were then seen as a joke.  I despair.
Similar, archery is a non contact, naturally socially distancing sport.  This is a no-brainer.  Yet it’s banned.  Why, when golf driving ranges are open?  What’s wrong with archery when it’s so similar to the golf driving range?  No logic – no sense.  [UPDATE 15/7/20 - HE'S NOW BANNED DRIVING RANGES AS WELL]
We have a second pandemic wave because the premier sent a whole raft of mixed messages.  For example, allowing 10,000 people to march in the city.  She’ll be right mate. 
It’s not right, mate!  Idiot.
Now we have security guards also allocated by Andrews looking after hotel quarantine allegedly screwing detainees then tootling back to their family's with a healthy dose of COVID.  Fantastic.
How about a few religious festivals where bunches co-mingle generating more and more very healthy COVID infections which are on the march - with a healthy disregard for humans.
Then he gets on TV and espouses responsibility without taking blame for the absolute mismanagement.  Mismanagement which has cost us money, lives, huge disruption and a loss of reputation.  The KIWI travel bubble just burst. 
This is not a liberal / labour gripe, it’s a plea to get rid of Andrews before he destroys Victoria. What does it take for Victorians to see through this shambolic disaster?
We have been forced into this second and now necessary lockdown because of absolute mismanagement.  How many lives have been ruined by his continuing out of control crap.  No, it’s not easy but then there are supposed to be bunches of very bright people advising the Victorian government supporting good decisions.  Apparently not so.
This needs to be treated just like the rogue local councils which were stood down because of ineptitude and replaced by an interim bunch of ‘change agents’.
I look at the Victorian government hierarchy and, as I said before, despair.  Unfortunately the ability to get elected does not mean talent at anything other than getting elected.
Victoria has a narcissistic rogue government which is out of control but before we succumb and fold let’s bring in a focused management team to take over and try and resurrect disaster.
This is not a change in government, it is a change in responsibility.
And boy, are there several people who could make this happen in the short term, even if they were very very reluctant.  Paul Keating, Julie Bishop, Geoff Kennett, Peter Costello, Julia Gillard et alia.  Give me 10 minutes and even I could think of a team of 10 which could change the world.  People who are respected for their intelligence, ability to recognise and create change in the face of great odds and garner a following from us mere lemmings.  It would be nice if just one person could lead the change but there just aren’t too many Churchill's around.
If I can see this disaster as an overworked cook / dishwasher [now currently underworked] then everyone can. 
Speak up and stop the crap.
Langevad J  [MBA et alia]