Wednesday, July 27, 2022





    Circa 39,970 military personnel,


    1,737 tanks,

    880 artillery systems,

    258 self-propelled rocket launchers

    222 aircraft,

    189 helicopters,

    117 air defence systems,

    2,835 vehicles and fuel tanks,

    15 ships,

    722 drones,

    174 cruise missiles have been shot down.






Apart from the carnage on both sides and the massive loss of funds through military spending and world sanctions, Russia has managed to alienate itself from that world and is now seen as a failed pariah state – again.  Indeed, the so called ‘Kremlin’ jails dissenters whilst ignoring failing social networks such as ‘food’ for its people. 

Does one man take responsibility for say 60,000 lives lost?  Is it one man or do the Russian people back this unlawful invasion?  An invasion to restore the USSR to its somewhat misplaced former glory.

Obviously insanity prevails and the big question remains ..  ‘Will that one man unleash armageddon?’ Looking at what’s happening at the moment with that one man seemingly accepting the invasion ‘toll’ as appropriate, that level of insanity may just be enough to tip him into unforced retaliation with nuclear weapons – just to save face!

Remember ‘Somme’ where a million died for a few kilometres of dirt.  Those commanders also had a low opinion of life, respect and integrity being lost in a blood fog of stupidity with only one thought – kill.  Both sides suffered huge losses on the fields.  Driving through there today there is no hint of the carnage albeit it’s as spooky as hell.

As Russia is attempting to level Ukraine making it uninhabitable whilst killing civilians and destroying their social infrastructure logically they also cannot be seeking anything else but ‘kill’. 

That one man is now just starting to target Jewish people in Russia whilst trying to topple a Jewish president from Ukraine.  Seems clear that the real issue for that one man is anti-Semitism – again!

You can’t reason with that one man who has a singular focus to kill, whatever the cost.

Sunday, June 26, 2022


I lifted this out of a UK study  ...  the inconvenient facts!!

“ In the UK a classic car on average is driven 1,200 miles a year and puts out 563 kg of CO2 as a result. But a new VW Golf is made by generating 6.8 tonnes of CO2e. Even worse, a Polestar 2 (a Swedish electric car) generates 26 tonnes of CO2 during the manufacturing process. That means you could drive your classic car for over 46 years before it generates as much CO2 as the “green” electric vehicle. Let that sink in for a moment.

Further, the study rightly points out that within that 46-year period, the Polestar 2’s battery will need to be replaced, maybe even swapped for a new one twice or more. And what happens to the battery? Can it really be recycled? The answer for now is no. Meanwhile, the classic car keeps running without contributing significantly to a landfill.”

My 20 year old money pit, Otto the CL600, is alive and well albeit with ongoing defects which only goes to his personality.  Bit like us all really.

One person’s view of the Andrews disaster with suggestions for change

Dear Liberals et alia,

Megalomaniac morons lack the neurons for rational thought but are good at being serious and attracting the brain vapid or those that prefer the nose ring approach to life commonly referred to as ‘the rusted on voter’.  These are dangerous people who, instead of applying rational thought, follow anyone holding the nose ring rope because resisting hurts – nose or brain.  Look at North Korea where the population marches in lock step to starvation or Russia where resistive thought can mean prison or China where disagreement with the CCP means disappearance.

You need to convince those of the ‘open mouthed ring persuasion’ that they should think about not voting for the moron because to do so would label them ‘vapid followers of moron’.  Not good.  Do this quietly whilst speaking in unarguable logic – premise premise conclusion.

A message -for example ... 

‘The Liberal party of Victoria will be the next Government because we seek support from  the thinkers from all sides but only those who actually care about our state and ask them to vote for whom they consider to be the best at creating the way forward’ – the thinking swinging voter." 

"It’s the centrists among us who care about change, will shift allegiance on rational thought,  care about our future and think through issues without the blinkered non-thinking approach of the ‘rusted on’ voter.  We seek intelligent debate without the tirade and pontificating obfuscation."

"Sometimes the facts are so plain that there can be no debate.  For example – ‘John Holland is a Chinese Company [China Communications Construction] and was given the billion dollar contract to build our infrastructure by labor all the while China was and is trying to ruin our economy through trade sanctions."

"It seems the CCP is holding the nose ring rope on Labor.  Why else would anything as obvious as this be acceptable to any clear thinker who can see through the moronic stupidity.  Kowtowing and indeed supporting a regime which ignores international law [South China Sea], ignores major agreements [Hong Kong]and takes over others sovereignty by persuasive force [Solomon] is tantamount to sedition.  It’s the same regime who has built ghost cities just to prop up an economy through ‘look at me look at me’ diplomacy."

"They just love the nose-ring lot because they know there will be no actual thought or resistance!  The labor party and their rusted on nose ring people are the CCP’s best friends."

You need to instill in those people a sense of panic enough for them to think about issues and jump on board to our shared and governed future.


Jon Langevad [MBA et alia]

Cure for tinted windows

 The FOMO set has grown up.

Car makers today are well aware that the current crop of car owners grew up attached to some sort of device whilst trying to ignore the real world.  These are the kids who sat in the back seat refusing to look out at the magic passing by whilst hiding inside a small screen or plugged into headphones.  They rejected the world and missed childhood.

Now those same people insist on the isolation shell through massively tinted windows so they can hide from that same real world but with even bigger on-board screens that actively control their lives.  They can’t see out of their cars properly especially at night so cameras are necessary to guide say their parking and they daren’t open a window lest someone sees them.  Sunroof, not a chance as it lets light in and others may be able to see.  A retreat into self.

Sad because life is diminished.


Rent an old manual roof, no gadgets convertible sports car with perhaps just a tonneau cover and NEVER put up the roof.  Enjoy motoring with wind, fog, rain, heat, cold and indeed smell.  Drive up a mountain and feel the temperature change every hundred metres all the while smelling the eucalypts and ingesting the surroundings.  No radio, no TV, no phone, no nothing.  Revel in the world!  It’s a fantastic place, enjoy it without props.

Now go back to the tinted isolation shell and feel the difference!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022



I must have my stupid shoes on because I cannot understand new trends in cars arising from and  leading to what can only be described as ‘moronity’ by a select group of people.

There seems to be a whole generation of kids who grew up on the back seats of their parents cars refusing to be a part of a passing cascade of interesting things on the ‘Sunday drive’ whilst preferring to be attached to any electronic device and ignoring the real world.

These introverted kids have grown up with electronic doohickies ruling their life.  They don’t want to be out of their small comfort zone and don’t want others to see them because that’s what introverts do.  This is FOMO smart phone access leading to car phones / screens gone berserk.  Indeed we nearly killed a circa 12 year old kid on St Kilda road who jumped off a tram stop with his eyes buried on his phone and just didn’t realise he had walked into traffic.  My instant loud horn saved his life because I could not have stopped. Scary.

Car makers know this trend and tailor cars to suit so they can sell more cars.  Particularly with huge ‘information’ screens, external cameras and tinted windows.  Now, people can escape within their own FOMO cocoon and ignore the passing world in anonymity.  Sad.  Some cars travelling at night are so bright inside from various ‘screens’ that they should not be on the road. 

Now, add on to this conundrum an endemic tendency to have all windows so ‘tinted’ it restrict s any proper visibility.  Some cars are so illegally tinted in the windscreen that you can’t even tell if there is a driver.  Introverts all.  They have gone back to being kids in the back seat playing on their ‘device’ ignoring the world.  Now these same strange people need multiple external cameras so they can actually see or do anything including parking.  Cameras help the ‘tinted’ morons who can’t drive.

Further, those same morons reverse park in situations which confirm stupidity beyond belief.  Take South Melbourne market where the morons go shopping to bring back bunches of stuff to their reversed parked car only to realize that can’t access the tailgate / boot because they have reversed parked.  This is so stupid it’s beyond belief.  Driving forward into a 90 degree car park is simple and doesn’t hold up the traffic whilst allowing easy access to the boot.  Reversing out also does not hold up traffic because you wait for a gap.  But reversing in does hold up traffic and you still cannot access the boot.  Did I say stupid?  We have seen the really stupid even reverse park into 60 degree bays designed for front in parking ‘only’ and they end up facing oncoming traffic.

This trend is driven by no actual visibility through tinted screens necessitating external cameras allowing electronic visibility from one of the many internal screens. 

I drive a 20 year old money pit which has parking sensors but no cameras and a low dash mounted screen which allows sat nav, radio, CD and once-was analogue TV.  There is no tinting except for the top 10% of the windscreen hence we enjoy looking out seeing the passing world.  We don’t mind people looking in, it doesn’t threaten us as we are not introverts.  How can people go for a ‘Sunday Drive’ locked into a cocoon?  This is not life but typifies the back seat kids on their devices growing up only to transfer that ‘screen desire & FOMO’ to their cars.


It’s sad because these dysfunctional trends are endemic and curtail life.

Is there a solution?  Yes!!

Firstly, if it was up to me I would make all ‘tinted’ drivers hire an old pre any electronic  gizmo convertible for a day with the roof dropped just to make them realise there is a great world out there to enjoy – every second.  My wife drives a 1988 Mazda MX5 and in which it’s berserkly fun to drive and enjoy life.

Secondly, enforce the law on tinted windows even changing same to stop inappropriate side and rear tints.  In this way people get to look out and enjoy ‘stuff’. 

Thirdly ban all reverse parking excepting curb side parallel parking.

Fourthly, force car manufacturers to limit screen brightness.

Simple but still needs an attitude adjustment.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Open letter to Josh Frydenberg re security

 Good morning,

There is nothing more important than our security.
The talking heads flap the trite whilst nothing actually happens.
Think Hitler on September 1 1939 or how about Putin a few weeks ago.  Both surprise invasions whilst the talking heads, talked.
The world is changing and we need to cement relationships else fall victim to some autocratic ‘big guns’ regime.
Recognise that the cold war mentality is happening despite most people’s best efforts.
That war is happening in the form of cyber attacks and economic coercion but the ‘west’ is fighting back.
But, this doesn’t stop the despots from blatant invasion or developing weapons which with one missile can level a country the size of France or cause a radioactive tidal wave to ‘sink’ the UK and a good chunk of Europe.
A charming reality driven by fools. 
If one does not have a deterrent then one is vulnerable.  This is a no brainer.  Indeed, the CCP has said at the National Press Club that they will drop a nuclear bomb on Australia if we go nuclear power.
We are vulnerable.
Australia as a big country does not have the weaponry to combat anything.  Sad but true.
But, we do have friends with big guns – not just supplicants or clients as does the CCP or the Kremlin.
The solution is obvious.
What we have is space and space in which to work with our friends to maintain a ‘military’ cold war barrier.  Not economic but military to protect the Pacific and all who dwell thereon.
Promote all that is economic but don the armour.
Invite our ‘friends’ to work with us in Northern Australia in ‘war games’ where each friend has a permanent foothold with people and ‘ALL’ equipment in multiple locations.
The message is obvious in that we as a consortium are strong and willing to defend the rights of our peoples against all threats at a critical global location.
Imagine say 10 countries with say 5,000 personnel each training as a cooperative to challenge any perceived future threat.
Ships, tanks, planes, weaponry, bombs et alia all located in Australia's sovereign territory and training together as a force.
Cost?  Significant.  But the alternative is unthinkable, just look at Ukraine, the devastation in infrastructure and the millions displaced.
Recognise the fact that there is a cold war at the moment and one that has a potential to be far more threatening.
Don’t fall into the talking heads syndrome!!
There is a line from a great movie  ‘Field of dreams’ – ‘if you build it they will come’.  If we build the strategic global dream they will come.
I am hoping that you are not grounded in talking head minutia [block people] as are most politicians but are a jigsaw [strategic] thinker and capable of dragging all the various jigsaw pieces into a coherent whole.
Australia is at risk but also has within its grasp a fantastic opportunity.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


Introduction ...

The world of business survives on a simple concept of supply and demand in that the charge for supply can vary based on how many people want that supply.  However, this is regulated to stop price gouging, greed, extortion, fraud, misrepresentation and like unlawful actions by specific verbal or written contractual obligations on concluded agreements protecting the so-called weaker party.  Not all is fair in business.

In simple terms, both parties must agree to any transaction for it to be legal otherwise anyone could bill anyone and expect payment with no recourse.

A seller has little obligation to supply at a price other than when advertised at a certain price which leaves a vast grey area when the price is advertised as a variable based on demand.  

Enter ‘surge’ pricing from UBER.  UBER says that their surge pricing is designed to get more drivers into areas of high demand thereby supporting those wanting to travel.  On a prima facie test this would seem logical in that drivers would flock to ‘surge priced’ demand locations thereby increasing their revenue and basic supply.  But this would also reduce supply from other areas as demand goes unmet resulting in those areas also suffering surge pricing because demand exceeded supply and Uber’s algorithm kicked in.  A vicious circle not benefiting customers in any way shape or form but hugely benefitting Uber and their drivers.  Surge pricing just follows demand.  Uber obviously target demand areas and automatically add surge pricing which creates further areas of demand because supply has left to chase the first area.  A ‘self inflating’ cycle.

Imagine if this surge concept applied to the average supermarket ... “Sorry Madam but your bill was for $23 but because there was a queue of 4 people waiting to pay there will be a surge charge of 4 leaving you a bill of $92 but as we already have your credit card on file it was automatically deducted.  Have a nice day”... If Madam had accepted this surge in full and absolute knowledge before the event then she was accepting paying $92 for a $23 bill.  But if the surge is not known or accepted before the event then it’s unlawful. 

However, law surrounding extortion, fraud, blackmail, price gouging, deception and misrepresentation can mitigate Madam’s problem.  Is it extortion to charge 4 times a normal price when demand is high or is it just normal business practice?  I suspect the latter albeit we all have a choice not to shop at that supermarket or ride with Uber as companies extorting clients [extortion - a demand without a reasonable cause with an intent to gain a benefit]. There is a difference between demand pricing and fee gouging and a huge difference to charging after the fact without consent.


Case study ...

In our case, we accepted a confirmed charge of $115.32 as a concluded agreement by phone app despite Uber’s surge pricing of 3.9 because we had little choice.  Uber’s algorithm had calculated the fare based on known traffic conditions.  Pay 4 times the fare or walk!

What we didn’t expect was a further loading of 50% with a charge of $57.55 deducted from the credit card without our knowledge or consent.  We had not accepted this further charge.

This final fee was a clear misrepresentation of our already concluded agreement.  It was and is tantamount to fraud.  Intentional theft of funds without consent.

Conclusion ...

Before travelling with Uber make sure you know what is being charged and make sure it is accepted as a concluded agreement and don’t accept ‘after the fact’ charges.  Better, support normal taxi drivers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022



There is a dysfunctional change to the way people angle park and it’s moronic.  As an example of this stupidity, at South Melbourne market people go to great lengths to back into a 90 degree angled parking spot seemingly oblivious to the fact that their boot/tailgate, where they will put their purchasers, is now blocked by the very fact they backed in. If they had driven in forwards like a normal human being they would have had easy access.  At South Melbourne market we have seen idiots carrying shopping, kids, strollers and all manner of junk squeezing past cars parked either side just to get to their tailgate which they can’t access anyway.  We have also seen the same morons use the bonnet of the car next to their tailgate as a platform until they shift their car forward a metre  into the traffic so as to load up.  There is another entirely logical reason to nose into an angled parking spot in that by parking nose in you do not disrupt the passing traffic as in parallel parking.  By backing in to an angled park you expect all traffic to stop just so you can back in.  This sense of entitlement and ‘me me me’ beggars belief.  Indeed we have seen people reverse park even in a 45 degree angle park which makes zero sense and they are facing the wrong direction on exit.  This backing into angled parking spots is moronic and I suspect driven by the proliferation of reverse cameras enabling the moron to pretend they self shine.

People need to be aware that backing into everything is not normal behaviour.  May I suggest that a touch of clear thinking will override self entitlement.

Please, nose into angled parking spots like a normal human being!!

There may be another reason why people use their reversing cameras with such moronic regularity.  Watch drivers doing strange things and I will back it in they have every window in their cars, including the windscreen, so heavily tinted they can’t actually see outside with enough clarity to park or indeed safely drive anywhere.  Yesterday we ate lunch at a cafe on Church Street in Brighton enjoying a table outside where we had a plain view of passing traffic.  In roughly 40% of cars you could not see the driver through any window let alone through the windscreen.  How these people see anything at night is a mystery but does explain the necessity for parking cameras.  In our daily commute we see drivers veering, swerving and ignoring other cars and in nearly all cases the morons have heavily tinted windows.  Obviously, there are good drivers with tinted windows but, it seems that a good percentage of bad drivers have tinted windows – they just can’t see out.  

Personally, we like to look out and enjoy the world with as clear a vision as we can get.  The world is a fantastic place to be treasured and not to be hidden behind tinting.  Drive with the windows down, let the wind flow through, turn the radio off and soak in life.  Please.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Space junk and green spider men living under our flat earth


We have over 7,000 satellites orbiting the earth with lots more lobbed into space each year which means there are multiple redundancies and ‘space junk’ to deal with.

The Russians tried to deal with one such ‘bit’ a little while ago but just managed to make lots of littler bits which are still orbiting.  Whoops.  Perhaps high tech laser destruction is not destructive enough?

We need an incinerator to permanently destroy all unwanted ‘bits’.  Fortunately we have one.  It’s that big warm thing in the middle of our spot in the galaxy.

Therefore the issue is getting unwanted bits to seek their own doom.  Fortunately it requires relatively very little energy to propel stuff  once free of earth’s gravity.

All we need to do is provide some sort of impetus to a bunch of suicidal junk.

Solution ...  We deploy rather large space platforms which catch junk and places same in a net to be hurtled by slingshot  [thank you Archimedes for the idea] toward the sun whereupon its consumed.  Doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to break free of earths gravity on a true trajectory to doom.

No expendables [old truck inner tubes], cheap, effective and could be turned into an Olympic sport.  Nations competing to lob their bits onto a virtual target displayed on the sun.  Wahoo!!  Nations could earn brownie points.

Problem is that if we miss, the junk missile may slingshot around the sun and come back at us initiating Armageddon. Perhaps not a great idea.  Worse, our junk hits the spider people world in the next galaxy and they retaliate with a web of steel encircling the earth as they pick us off for lunch.

Armageddon, arachnoid snacks – rethink.

How about catching the junk and dropping it back to earth in the middle of an unpopulated desert whereupon all  bits are recycled into metal hairpieces, being the new helmet protecting us from Covid nano probes unleashed by the dreaded spider men.

After all, we all know arachnoid city is driven by Covid furnaces and that they planted Covid on earth to further their evil 8 legged plans. [add Boris Karloff laugh]

This could also be an Olympic sport where countries compete to lob their junk onto a virtual target.  Sort of like archery, but not.  Penalties would include loss of your super yacht for a week if you hit a city, per se.  Say 1,000 dead for a week’s loss of ocean privileges. Sounds fair.

Strict rules would need to apply as some nations would deliberately drop their junk on a neighbouring country as a prelude to invasion – ‘Sorry about the carnage but we can help by taking over your government through a small invasion and annexing your impoverished lot to us.  Simple!’

That penalty would be two weeks without your super yacht!  

Now, we all know the earth is flat with satellites just tootling around in circles.  The big penalty of four weeks without your super yacht would be to release pictures or text or words which dispute that flat earth reality. After all, the worlds despots have spent millions denying history such as Tiananmen Square massacre or Russia’s current invasion or Nth Koreas military expansion hiding a frog march to starvation.  Their investment in brain washing through a cancel culture needs to be protected.  To cement that reality we all know that the spider men live underneath the earth in secret bases delving out Covid to unsuspecting flat earthers.  Don’t want to upset them do we?

A problem of Dickensian magnitude!

Personally the slingshot has visual appeal as would a ‘thripenny’ bunger strategically placed in an orifice used as a launch tool [think Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove].  After all the same bunger used to demolish letter boxes in the 1950/60’s.  Simple and immense fun [thank you Gelignite Jack for the memories].  As a matter of fact we could solve the bad people problem at the same time with each provided with their own Dr Strangelove experience!

Ah the joy of having too much time on your hands, waxing lyrical about stuff then burdening others with erratic and errant thoughts.  So much fun.



I read the complete weekend Australian this morning [as I do every week for the quality of its journalism and longish articles] – a great balanced view from all sides.  In that was listed all the good things the Lib’s achieved in SA even during a Pandemic which they handled well.  Still, gone, which makes zero sense but people get what they voted for.  Take Victoria for example – Andrews was responsible for the deaths of some 800 people, has been proven to lie and misuse funds and his labor executive all suffered convenient loss of memory about who ticked off on $30m to fund private security.  Yet he still retains some degree of popularity whilst trying to wrongly blame Morrison for his failures.  Go figure – the absolute ‘blame’ stupidity is gob smacking.  Palaszczuk just this week has been shown to be somewhat loose with the facts and WA has damn near ruined its tourist hub for zero reason as covid has arrived anyway and NT leased its port to the Chinese, a move resembling insanity.  Morrison has the spine of a worm destroying his elected representatives lives virtually convicting without evidence [i.e Attorney General] by demoting lest the public disagree and Albanese is seen as the worst possible choice for a person to ‘lead’ our country.  Now we see female Labor senators acting like schoolyard tyrants linked to death and we watch political ‘adults’ from all sides behaving like bellicose 10 year olds.  We have to deal with similar traits in Putin and Xi Ping and they are supposedly world leaders with the red button at their ‘sole’ command.  They continually lie, ignore facts and threaten – in loud offensive voices.  Trying to erase history is but one little example of gross stupidity and the poor little oligarchs suffer through losing their boats.  A crying shame, that.

Along with a few million others, I voted for Hawke and Keating because they were right at the time and their list of ‘liberal’ achievements was and is significant as was their ability to lead and have ALL of us follow.  Which brings us to today and choices.

The world is entering a new phase and we need people who can lead.  There is no side of politics which is 100% up to the job therefore we need to pick from what’s available.  The federal labor party is full of back biting children determined to be talking heads but without substance led by a vitriolic waste of space without an original thought other than to try and denigrate.  Yet, take SA, where that behaviour worked to win but then one has to actually do something when in office.  We will see.  There is a litany of leadership failures headed by McMahon, Whitlam and Fraser.  All sides respected Howard, Keating and Hawke over many years as they disrespected Turnbull and Rudd.  Not many good guys around me thinks.

So where do we sit.  We lost our best hope for an Australian PM respected around the world and by all people and all political parties.  Short of convincing Julie to return we have Morrison who has lots of runs on board and proven ability to act as he did when closing the borders supported by Dutton and Friedenberg just to name 3.  On the other side we have Albanese with zero runs and a team of vitriolic bumsters who only know hate speech.  I think I made it clear that I am not overly fond of Morrison or Dutton or to a lesser extent in Friedenberg for various reasons but as a team taking us through what could be a change in world order, there is no choice.  Liking or not liking is irrelevant, it’s respect that’s important.

Unless we get Julie to return or the ghost of Billy Graham pops in we have Morrison and his party as the ONLY choice.  Anything else is just too dangerous.

So there!