Thursday, February 29, 2024




We are at risk of developing a new ‘sub’ class of people bent on self entitlement.  These people only see their world through their own eyes and are oblivious to the needs of those around them. 

Indeed, there are several ‘pointers’ which identify them as needing to be ‘the one’ or the ‘centre’.

Such as backing into car spaces expecting all traffic to stop to feed their desire to reverse in instead of driving forward into a car space without holding up traffic and reversing out when there is a gap in that traffic. And, they get easy access to their boot.  Simple.  This is particularly prevalent at South Melbourne market where the stupid class back in then realising they can’t load their shopping they have to drive forward into the traffic to open the boot.  Not very intelligent.  I have even seen morons backing into 60 degree parks - always at the expense of other road users.

How about these same people adorning their cars with tinted windows so dark they have difficulty seeing out.  I have been hit by such a goose backing straight into me.  You couldn’t see anyone in his car as the windows were nearly black.  This is close to insanity.

These same people also believe their bodily needs must be met by everyone else.  They believe they have a right to use the toilets in any restaurant despite not being a customer thereby proving a complete misunderstanding of ‘private’ property.  They refuse to accept the fact that any person in a restaurant is there as a result of an invitation by the restaurateur.   It’s not public access.  Perhaps they should advertise their own house as a public toilet.

Another, this sub class also has a speech impediment through and by the use of the word ‘like’ which they can annunciate as many as 5 times in one sentence.  Why?  Perhaps it’s a bit ‘like’ [properly used as a conjunction] saying ‘ummm’ or ‘errrr’ to retain the no gaps in their own personal need to maintain primacy through their speaking agenda. They believe their opinion is so important that everyone will want to hear what they have to say but to make sure ‘like’ is used in speech as an adverb and a meaningless filler and/or to signify the speaker's uncertainty about an expression just used.  In other words, of zero value but designed to keep attention on the speaker.  Like, who cares?

Then, the whole ‘look at me’ concept of share plates in a restaurant.  I watched one hero demand 8 share plates for 3 scallops which he diligently cut up and served to his lesser dining companions lauding their gratitude for a cold, minuscule and inappropriate morsel.  He believed he was ‘entitled’ to demand the restaurant at their cost provide extra everything so he could feed his ego.

Lastly, a further speech impediment proving the often loud self entitled are unable to use the language instead replacing adjectives with expletives.  Swearing is inappropriate and it identifies an idiot.  Swearing is not a part of normal speech except if self entitlement takes over from social norms.  Add people feeling the need to shout a conversation and see a person with a self entitled view of their own self.  ‘Look at me – I’m talking loudly so you mere mortals can bath in my magnificent oratory.’

Like yish!!



Maybe I am living on a different planet or a hidden universe but I read proper journalists [The Australian] discuss our navy and general preparedness to protect ourselves and to offer support for ‘friends’ in conflict [ditto army and air force] and am gobsmacked by the way people in charge of the ADF – including politicians - talk in decades for any discernible action and billions of dollars in ‘blow out costs’ even before the event and ‘with a straight face’. 


‘Ah yes, with forward estimates we will have another dinghy by 2050 but this time with a sharp throwing anchor to be propelled by a large albeit low ranked fluid gender navy person which will result in the enemy fleeing for their lives leaving behind their larger dinghy which we will purloin and fit out with another sharp anchor. This will continue until we have a fleet of 11 dinghies and be fully protected against ICBM’s, deep space laser warfare and the omnipresent mouth dribbling hordes waiting to live the good life off the sheep’s back after we are removed to dinghy land where we can live full and wholesome lives albeit sans food or water that will be mercifully quite short as 25 million people to an acre may prove a bit of overcrowding.  But, the army are also going to receive sharp throwing sticks to repel those same hordes by 2060 albeit with expected cost blowouts only one soldier in 10 will receive such an advanced weapon whilst the others will practice shouting profanities which will distract the enemy, making them all over emotional and leave our shores to cry in their home cave in abject misery and despair.  But the most advanced weaponry will be funded to the air force.  By 2070 each and every airman will have their very own cardboard drone [just one] with optional drop bomb albeit forward estimate blowouts may mean we have to cancel the bomb part.  In this case the drones will zoom in on the enemy and scare them to death or force them to run for their lives past the fleet of 11 sharp anchored dinghies which will decimate their retreat with precision anchor throwing.’ 


Not so funny!

It seems we are going about this locked into a self defeating cycle with priorities about face. 

Priority ‘1’ must be to protect our homeland from any aggression.  This through defense weapons capable of shooting down any inbound missile or plane before reaching Australia.    This is a no-brainer!  It’s not aggressive just defensive but it must be strong enough to deter others aggression.  Banks of missiles spread all over Australia -  made here under license if necessary perhaps in a couple of empty car manufacturing plants we happen to have.  How about a threepeny bunger on the front of a scram jet?  If some of those scram defense weapons happened to have a range of say 10,000 km and tootle along at mach 24 it just might deter the bad guys.

Priority ‘2’ must be to make us capable of supporting our ‘friends’ in the event of conflict as we have always done.  Sharp anchors and throwing sticks just don’t cut it especially when the need is now, not in 20 years time.  I probably can’t see the complexities but it seems to me we can do two things in the immediate short term.  Firstly invite all our friends into Australia’s north for permanent placement and practice war games – BYO dinghy and sharp anchors or perhaps an aircraft carrier or two and a few nuclear armed submarines with signs hand written on the hull ‘gone fishin’ off Darwin protecting the indo-pacific from the aforementioned dribbling hordes.  Then we have a window to lease/ buy/build our own fleet of not dinghies.  Keep in mind that if Victoria had not had a failed premier [Andrews] we could have offered some $20+ million dollars a day to this cause and that is just the interest on his / our capacious debt. At say a billion dollars each our debt in Victoria alone in just interest would build a new warship every few weeks.  Sort of brings things into perspective doesn’t it.

Think NOW not long term and take responsibility rather than pontificate at length about ‘look at me as I’m doing something’ when you know you will never have to be accountable.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Due to the pollution complexities of the site and its industrial location adjacent to the heritage cemetery [where my mother was buried nearly 50 years ago] it was designated as a golf driving range and mini-golf centre.  The investment by the lessee in a licensed restaurant, club hire / sales, thousands of golf balls, required range machinery and mini golf was significant.  It was the perfect use for the land and was very busy.  Indeed, I attempted to hit many many golf balls over the years at this range.

Unfortunately, just prior to a state election, Andrews [ex state premier] decided to garner brownie points by loudly promising a new netball centre ‘for the kiddies’ on this land with a big ‘look at me’ sign thereby forcing the closure of the successful driving range and the associated multi faceted business.  But sadly, now post election, Andrews’s rhetoric was proven to be just that and the Wangara site was never developed as promised.  Years later it’s still empty.  Indeed, it was all a ruse because he really just wanted to firstly get elected and secondly spend circa $19m of taxpayer’s money ‘butchering’ the heritage Sandringham golf links to be able to add a driving range for benefit of members at Royal Melbourne Golf Club which is literally just over the street.  In this way Royal Melbourne could have a u-beut driving range on crown land for zip.  Andrews folly is confirmed by the facts that the ‘old’ driving range just up the street remains vacant with no netball courts, the heritage Sandringham golf links was indeed butchered to allow for the u-beut driving range as it required the removal of par 5 holes [now not a true golf course] and, due the new layout, suffers long walks between some holes and all whilst demolishing the heritage clubhouse replacing it with an architectural and inefficient monstrosity for the PGA.  

Knowingly throwing away the Sandringham links heritage identity.

In terms of the land in question on Wangara Road, it's on an old quarry next to a heritage cemetery, suffers some degree of land pollution restricting park usage, has basically zero parking and is in an industrial area.  Not much going for it other than a golf driving range as all the infrastructure is there including the mini golf etc. Go figure!

How about a new 9 hole ‘par 3’ golf course [as was in Albert Park on the lake years ago] sporting kid friendly ’big hole’ putting [as they do in Barwon Heads] with lots of bunkers and new sloping lumpy bits whilst keeping the existing licensed restaurant, clubhouse, gear sales and mini golf.  Add lighting for night time play, trees, significant sculptures and water holes.  Wahoo!  Everyone wins!!  Then add ‘big swing’ golf for lessons and just plain fun. [We played St Andrews on big swing before actually doing so in Scotland a few weeks ago].

Or just let it rot because there are no current elections.

Monday, October 16, 2023



The vast majority of Australians voted ‘no’ on the voice proposal thankfully cementing  the concept of ‘we are one’ and ‘equality for everyone’ because of their own non divisive and anti-racist beliefs.  Thank whatever deity you like because that proposal was indeed racist and divisive and should never have been touted beyond a thought bubble by rational clear thinking adults.  Another 70 million dollars wasted by those that should have known better which is similar to Andrews in Victoria fawning amnesia over spending some $30 million dollars which subsequently killed 800 people. At least ‘our’ mob are not dead albeit I suspect emotionally wounded through fake and unyielding spin, driven  by politically motivated people who should never have been allowed  try and influence others through and by vague and somewhat spurious ideologies.

Those that voted ‘yes’ either believed our prime minister’s childish rhetoric ‘trust me it’s all about the vibe’ or could see no other solution for indigenous management.  But now, the majority of Australians have thankfully rejected the prime minister and his ‘vibe’ as nonsense and he must now face the music and create change because his voice scapegoat has been squashed.  This is not a political comment or any attempt to shoot the messenger but is a critique of failures and their real cost.

Keep in mind there are currently hundreds of people drawing salaries who are supposed to be looking after indigenous affairs including 11 elected parliamentarians.  These people were and still are the mob’s voice.  A great pity that they have shown to be incompetent [think ATSIC]. This is a management issue for which all governments have kicked the virtual can citing ‘we need another report’ and/or using obfuscating emotive rhetoric to hide incompetence.   So, instead of fixing that poor management, which costs some $30 billion dollars a year, they opt for ‘the vibe’.  This is an international disgrace and one reason some people should never be in charge of the piggy bank.  Indeed, it could be said that the whole ‘voice’ debacle was a political move by government to shift blame?

So, we still have a mob of people who feel disadvantaged,  ‘support’ programs for that mob costing $30 billion dollars a year and a government which prefers ‘the vibe’ to clear strategic thinking leading to planned outcomes.  Worse, we have intergenerational hardship driven by a call to go back to ‘country’ where there is zero education, no opportunities and a culture hooked on ‘sit down money’.   So called support programs seem to have no consequences or analysis or indeed results.  Yet damned politicians just throw more money because it’s just too hard to actually think.  Good at getting elected but crap at the actual job.

When do the grownups shout ‘enough’?

When a collective, being it a company or a group of people, start down the ‘oh woe is me’ rabbit hole it’s akin to self fulfilling trauma because people lose sight of the strategic picture and focus on negative minutia as an escape. The more they lose that strategic focus the greater the perceived trauma.  Compare that to first nations reality. 

Nothing will ever change unless proper management is instilled into all indigenous programs, there is public recognition of first nations ensuing dignity, honour and respect and education leading to self actualisation is enshrined in modern day indigenous culture.  Just lying around waiting for the next intergenerational dole cheque just doesn’t cut it. Harsh but true.  Indeed, high incarceration rates for the indigenous are the result of errant behaviour and are not inflicted by others just on skin colour.  People end up in goal because they do the wrong thing.  Don’t break the law and live free – simple.  

Just tootling around the edges of intergenerational perceived trauma has proven to be useless yet the morons with deep pockets of ‘our’ money pontificate at length about how good they are and ‘working hard’ to fix known issues. What absolute rubbish.  As above, good at getting elected but crap at doing the job!

Next?  Unless people have pride [not false pride driven by anger] and hope for a sustainable future [not false hope driven by spurious rhetoric] there can be no future.  However, there is pride in controlling your own destiny through receiving and giving respect for who you are as a person.  There is no pride in remaining uneducated being reliant on the next ‘sit down money’ to be deposited into your dole account.  No wonder alcohol abuse is rampant because it’s an escape from reality even if for a short time.  Perhaps even law breaking and family / public violence could be explained as people are broke and bored shitless.

Education is critical as is recognition.  The tragedy of life is that older people become invisible because of perceived irrelevance by others and the same for our mob.  Being visible for loudly marching up some street once a year doesn’t cut it.  Being visible for say struggling to get educated and struggling to create a life would be supported by everyone because the human condition is and admires those who fight to succeed.  This is the world and real life!  The struggle we all have to win to achieve peace.  Remember, ‘we are one’.

It’s a pity that our politicians and the plethora of people looking after indigenous peoples don’t seem to recognise this simple fact preferring ‘look at me look at me’ political nothingness.

First, a statement enshrined into the Australian psyche describing indigenous peoples,  “The original settlers and custodians of our island nation have continually contributed as part of Australia’s evolving multi-cultural history inexorably leading to the rich tapestry of our truly ‘we are one democracy’ that our island nation has nurtured.  They continue to live our history back to first peoples as treasured Australians. We are our history and ‘one’.”  Recognition, respect, dignity and most importantly ‘place’!!!  A place to be.  Simple concept but so important for us all.  Time – immediate.  Now is the time to make this happen with I guess 100% support.

Second, a proper third party publically transparent management audit of all current indigenous programs letting blame sit where it may.  I will back it in that a few will spend time behind bars for corruption and a few politicians will just hide.  Then we have a starting point from which to progress.  Time – 3 months.

Third, set up ‘carrot led’ [not punitive] sustainable education programs for those who want to live life and change. Time – 6 months.  Instil the perfect axiom for life – ‘learning is fun’.

Fourth, bring on and enjoy ‘we are one’.  Inclusive and multi cultural and anti-racist . Wahoo.

Our beautiful country has bunches of bright committed people who can make this happen. 

Let’s do it!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

MEMORIES [Thoughts from a disordered brain]


The human condition dictates that we are merely a collective of our life’s memories piled on top of each other with each memory bearing the weight of time as individual flashes of joy.  Yet, in times of crisis we all explore our raison d’ĂȘtre, our legacy and our personal life’s imprint but, as a necessary balance, the human condition will also dictate that some of those ruminations be driven by regrets, sorrow and what if’s.  But thankfully, joy will always win because smiling is more fun and the important memories are the ones which make us and perhaps others around us smile.  What a joyous gift this life’s transition really is! 


The Voice

 Life’s axiom  -  give responsibility to minutia driven loud mouths bent on shooting the messenger and you get zip but give responsibility to clear thinking inclusive strategic top down thinkers and watch things happen.

Indeed, critical transparent thinking gives simple conclusions such as - a race based indigenous ‘voice’ enshrined in our constitution destroys that very constitution.   Since 1967, every Australian, regardless of race, has been recognised as equal before the law.   The wording and intent are clear in that all Australians must be treated as equal.  We are one!   As Henry Parkes, the father of our federation said, “One people one destiny”.   This is simple clear thinking and must drive all other decisions - top down. 

‘The new voice’ seeks to ignore that basic tenet of constitutional ‘equality’ by adding yet another ‘race based’ so called voice which by its very nature is divisive and  is without doubt racist.  Adding ‘race’ to our  ‘anti-racist’ constitution is insane.  There are no further arguments.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of people already employed to look after indigenous affairs including circa 11 freely elected politicians.  All have seemingly failed.  With this new proposed ‘voice’ will all those people be sacked to make way for a new mob?

Instead, how about adding a paragraph to the constitution, an inclusive paragraph which rightly enshrines dignity, honour and respect for first nations people.  How about something like .. “The original settlers and custodians of our island nation have continually contributed as part of Australia’s evolving multi-cultural history inexorably leading to the rich tapestry of our truly ‘we are one democracy’ that our island nation has nurtured.  They continue to live our history back to first peoples as treasured Australians. We are our history and ‘one’.

Then, as  a nation and ‘one’ we deal with disadvantage whether that be homelessness or  indigenous issues or anything which requires clear strategic top down thinking and controlled actions.  Australia’s much lauded ‘safety net’ needs to apply to all disadvantage but not as a ‘freebie’ or a ‘right’ but as a carrot to change.   Maslow had it right when he said [paraphrased] that before we can move towards self actualisation we need all the basics in place.  In my opinion, knowledge through education is paramount because with greater knowledge comes greater understanding and with greater understanding comes life as we want it.  Simple.  The welfare mentality is a shocker because it prohibits generational change, creates desperation and kills the will to sing.  We all need help at some point but we also need to rise above that support to be human and self aware.  If dream time does it for you or God stuff is top of your tree or anything which supports hope and a future is paramount then good.  Because with hope we can move from minutia self preservation thinking and join the happy throng of strategic thinkers and doers as one. Wahoo!!

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Andrew's Folly

An open letter to Victoria's Liberal Party ..

Mr Pesutto,

Andrews and the labor financial management morons will try and blame everyone but themselves for our gross debt. Not since Cain / Kirner have we been in such a parlous state [IPA] and it took Kennett years to bring us back from the brink of dropping credit ratings costing us millions of lost dollars. Dollars which could have been used for example to cure homelessness. 
That is NOT a political statement but a comment on management capability.
Even now Mr Pesutto, you are to blame, the RBA is to blame, Morrison was to blame, Albanese is to blame, Covid was to blame, Ukraine was to blame and the list will go on and on shouted by loud people all with a brain mouth disconnect. [Same as ‘the voice’ where it’s all about the ‘Vibe’ and little people shouting personal abuse rather than clear strategic thinking.]  There are many issues such as locating  illegal drug injecting rooms next to schools or selling out to Chinese companies to build our infrastructure [John Holland].  It’s sad.
The labor party will try and sink the intelligence level for debate to ‘small things’ as far away from a strategic view as possible because even a child with a smattering of clear thinking can see absolute gross mismanagement over 9 years.
This is not necessarily about what the money is spent on but how it’s debt wasted / spent. For example, $30m lost to the management of COVID and no senior labor manager can remember why, when or how and the Coates report delivered on Christmas eve – for God sake!!
Andrews leads the shouty obfuscating rhetoric on-driven by morons dedicated to saving themselves by volume without any form of clear thinking or proper business 101 management. A focus on the almost irrelevant and minor at the expense of a strategic view. It’s sad!!
At the end of the day we have more debt than SA, NSW and QLD combined yet we all went through Covid. Therefore the Covid ‘credit card’ argument does not wash. Similarly the RBA red herring is chicken feather fluffy with zero substance.
Indeed the reality is what we pay just in interest through 9 years of financial mismanagement and the impact of yet another drop in credit rating. At the moment it’s $3.9 BILLION per annum rising to $7.4 BILLION in 2 years just in interest. This is insane and will be 1/3 of our budget.

IPA .. Victoria now has largest debt, biggest budget deficit, highest taxes, fastest growing government spending, and the fastest growing public sector wages. “Victoria’s debt, in both absolute terms and as a share of the economy, is now far higher than at the peak of the fallout from the economic collapse of the early 1990’s,” Mr Wild said. IPA research has identified that Victoria’s public finances have seriously deteriorated and are getting worse.

If there ever was a time for a vote of no confidence this is it. You need to point out the sad truth IN DETAIL then ask the house to either endorse the financial management of our state AS INDIVIDUALS and accept responsibility or be a part of resurrecting our state through proper financial management. The ratings agencies have even forewarned Victoria about another ratings drop. This is unheard of and will add billions to every Victorian’s government debt!! So much for our AAA rating under Kennett!!

Make individuals responsible including the Teals who supported labor through preferences. One by one, make people publically support Andrews financial management or not. 

Only fools and idiots could support such incompetence.

This is a chance for a spill.

Open letter to Human Rights Commissioner re the voice

Dear Mr Tan,

I wrote and published my views on the voice within this blog because of concerns I have with Australia altering the constitution based on ‘a vibe’. This is a great line out of a great Australian movie but in reality it’s moronic and has no place in a grown-ups culture. Indeed, key words should be ‘dignity, respect and honour’ along with ‘clear strategic thinking’ but without shouty personal agenda driven power seeking obfuscation.

My wife and I are vehemently anti-racist enjoying the great Australian acceptance of everyone as equal and everyone contributing to our culture as individuals but with both rights and obligations. Simple! We don’t ‘like’ everyone but most certainly ‘respect’ them as individuals.

There is a clear need for indigenous recognition but a need not based on ‘race’. Treating one mob differently just because of colour / history / eta alia is without doubt racist especially when that preferred group has power forcing Parliament to consult on anything and everything.

I have also put forward an intervention [within this blog] based on simple but provable change agents including education. As a throwaway line – ‘One weeks interest bill on The Andrews Debt Folly would pay for these interventions!!’

The Voice will devolve Australia into divisions based on race – this is wrong, against our ethos and culture of ‘we are one’ and against our world’s-best system of Government.

Please don’t let the shouty brain-mouth disconnects negatively influence clear strategic thinking, with attendant dignity, respect and honour for every individual based on being human, not based on racial vilification as ‘The Voice’ will do! Open clear headed non-shouty public discussions [not mere conversations] from our leaders would be appropriate.

Mr Tan, your reported comments on The Voice were It's about participation, it's about equity, it's about elevating the position of First Nations' people. It is about a well-deserved and a well-canvassed position and a journey we have travelled for a long time about finding a way out and moving forward to support our Indigenous peoples. May I suggest ‘elevating’ the position of indigenous peoples’ is critical but not at the expense of the other 96% of Australians who also have rights and obligations and privileges. We don’t need to change our constitution to engender participation and equity. Equity, yes as a recognition we don’t all start from the same history and the imbalances are obvious and need to be fixed but not at the expense of equality or ‘we are one’. To me ‘human rights’ are intrinsically simple in that honour, dignity and respect within the ‘we are one’ framework is the overarching strategic blueprint for a supportive culture. By the way, ‘respect’ is not earned, it is a God given right.

Always in good faith and best regards and good futures for our beautiful multiracial democratic country where equity is sought and equality is a given.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023



Indeed, the overwhelming need is to recognise full blood aboriginals as the descendants of Australia’s first people.  This is a given but it does not entail land ownership in any way shape or form albeit it does signify the cultural beginnings of Australia as indigenous and cements the dignity rightfully due to that culture as first custodians of our great country.  Indeed, recognition does not pre-empt any drive for ‘indigenous’ based advantage, as that would be racist and against the law, and does not signify a disproportionate say in our government other than the same say we all have as individuals  at elections for all levels of government.   This is enshrined in our constitution as law.

Australia already has a voice and it’s called PARLIAMENT wherein a whole gaggle of democratically elected people’s representatives fend for their constituents interests on a daily basis.  White, black, pink, short, tall, female, male, kid or any other living thing can and should have a say in their future.

The ‘new voice’, as it’s portrayed, will only obfuscate true needs because it’s inherently racist, is based on personal ‘power / land mad’ agendas, cannot achieve primary goals, usurps parliament’s role as ‘Australia’s existing voice from elected representatives’ , is insulting to more than 96% of Australians and is inherently divisive to our ‘we are one’ community.

We live in the best country in the world as Australians enjoying a system of proportional representative government which democratically enshrines each individual as equal under the law and protected within the auspices of the state.

Racism, which in today’s society, roughly defines as ‘treating one group differently because of their race’ is in breach of that law and is utterly stupid.   Indeed, ‘race’ is one of those overused words trotted out by people with a personal agenda to label anything they see as an opportunity to pontificate on and obfuscate therein unfortunately proving  a palpable brain – mouth disconnect.  Trouble is when enough of these brain dead people, latch onto the tide of misinformation and loudly repeat that misinformation time and time again then the truth is subjugated by volume

The key here is in understanding that each individual has a right to free speech, respect and to have a say in their future without fear or prejudice.   Secondly it means that each individual has a right and a ‘voice’ to vote for their choice of politician as their representative, one that aligns with their views.  One can hope for proportional representation but there are no guarantees as we have a majority rules democracy and it’s good!  It’s hard but the alternative is anarchy or despot driven tyranny or even socialism.  No thanks!.

One parliament, one law, one democracy, one system of government, one people.  We are one!!

Critically, humans do not actually ‘own’ anything because we are finite and will shuffle on some day.  This is not socialism but reality.  We are mere custodians of this planet whilst we live, then it’s someone else’s turn.  Indeed, there can be no ‘traditional’ owners because none of us actually own anything.  In this context Australia was never aboriginal and never will be just as Australia was never white and never will be.  Why, because we all share the land in the present as individuals for too short a time.  We are all custodians.

However, we do all live under the one umbrella with different views, ideals, hopes and futures so it’s critical we respect everyone  and their beliefs even if disparate from our own.  The only exception being if one person causes harm to another because of their differing views.   But this is in breach of the law anyway and everyone is protected.  For example, I respect the person who believes in ‘dreamtime’ even though my view on reality is quite different.  Happy to discuss the differences at length but always with respect. for the person - but not always their beliefs.  Who knows, they may be right?

In this context, the new ‘indigenous voice’ usurps parliament as our already freely elected Australian ‘voice’ which already has a 4.8% indigenous representation [for 3.2% of the population] and it destroys our non-racist focus on the individual and it applies another level of mandatory consultation to each and every decision before parliament and it cements the rights of just 3.2%  of people to have a say over and above everyone else and over and above every other voting Australian.  This is undemocratic and racist.

Even suggesting another ‘voice’ is deeply insulting to the circa 11 federal parliamentarians who currently represent indigenous peoples because they are obviously seen as useless by ‘the voice’.  I was also led to believe there are about 700 indigenous nations with each having the right to partake in the voice.  That’s 1400 non-expert people [both genders] paid out of the public purse all wanting their say on each and every issue from massive land claims to train timetables to nuclear power stations to cashless debit cards.  This is insane.

Indeed, and as an observation, after MABO there were apparently some 37,000 land claims by indigenous peoples in NSW alone with claims to circa 40% of Australia because these people saw themselves as owners of land because some ancestor once squatted thereon.  Indeed, the term ‘traditional owner’ is an obfuscating furphy designed to ‘sell the vibe’ rather than deal with reality.  It’s a bit like Russia invading Ukraine because Putin believed Russia was and is the ‘traditional owner’ and Ukraine was and will always be part of his now 30 year defunct USSR.  

In our case our indigenous peoples want, need and must get recognition as ‘first peoples’ albeit within the context of ‘we are one’.   It must be very mentally draining and dysfunctional to be haunted by the erroneous belief that there is no difference between claiming land through just squatting on that land Vs toiling to secure rights to the land.  As an example, does America own the moon as traditional owners because they were first there?  No.  As a matter of fact, Neil Armstrong’s [the American astronaut] words in 1969 were ‘one giant leap for mankind’ which was inclusive of all peoples.  Indeed we, as a human race, were all included and for those of us who watched it live on TV we believed and knew and felt that we were a part of that marvellous event and unfolding history.  No one owns the moon yet we are all owners, courtesy of Armstrong’s words, of the toil and sacrifice of that history.  Wow!!

So, what to do?

‘Recognition’ is important to indigenous peoples as the first inhabitants and therefore it is important for all Australians to respect and honour that history as we all do with the aforementioned moon landing..  This is a no brainer but that recognition must not confer any rights or privileges which are undemocratic or racist.  The proposed ‘new voice’ is both undemocratic and racist and will not provide the recognition required.  It will just usurp parliament which is all peoples current ‘voice’ and possibly unlawful.

A new ‘recognition’ line in the constitution could be something like “The original settlers and custodians of our island nation were aboriginal peoples migrating from ‘Africa’ some thousands of years ago and have continually contributed as part of Australia’s evolving population history inexorably leading to the rich tapestry of our truly ‘we are one multi-cultural and democratic society’ that our island nation has become”.  This is recognition without perceived consequences. ‘Dignity’ is the key concept because it encompasses both honour and respect. 

That’s basic recognition for indigenous people but what of reality?  I know it’s rather trite but treating all people with honour and respect whilst living and breathing the mantra ‘we are one’ is the absolute minimum requirement. How good would it be if we recognised that it’s all about ‘Individuals with different beliefs creating our collective future ‘as one’ because we are all Australian’.  Simple.  But it’s important that support for those struggling with life remains in the context of ‘we are one’ with each person having rights and indeed responsibilities for their own future. 

‘The new Voice’ will not achieve those aims because it obviates ‘we are one’ and it doesn’t address the first and most critical strategic issue.  Education.

Education.  A lifetime of learning leading to a pathway of self actualisation [Maslow 1954 - his hierarchy of needs is just as relevant today as it was 70 years ago and applies to all people].  Indeed, there is no future for anyone without education!!!  The greatest change agent of all time is knowledge and how to apply that knowledge to the world we live in.  Education is the absolute key where people can learn and aspire to personal goals lifting themselves out of despair and poverty -  albeit with help.  That ‘help’ could be support with basic living BUT in return for continuing education.  This is generational change – not instant.  Recognition and pathways – wow.

Unfortunately for some, behaviours are entrenched and for some indifference prevails but others are champing at the bit to excel.  This last group is the key to change and may take a generation to implement but this group must be given every opportunity to prevail and lead their charges into the future.  Not tinkering with useless minor block thinking interventions but a full blown assault on future creation with a long term strategic jigsaw educational focus.  Support but in the right ‘change’ areas.

For our indigenous mob, this is a job for our current 11 federal indigenous representing parliamentarians [the current Australian voice] to make happen.  Exercise our existing parliamentary ‘voice’ and spend a few million to create concrete and lit pathways where change is education based.   You can’t change everyone but Australia can support those individuals who want to create a shared future.  They in turn will create their own informed change from inside the mob.

Use Australia’s existing parliamentary ‘voice’ to actually do something concrete.  Brain disconnected political block thinking with unending mouth-flubber is easy but destructive.  Jigsaw or strategic thinking is hard but leads to a planned future.  Start with recognition and a strategic vision which is clearly communicated and actioned through and by our existing voice – parliament!

That’s the change we need, not yet another voice.

Thursday, December 22, 2022


 WE ARE ONE ...  Further thoughts

 The bad ...

Our Victoria Government has achieved squat to address any ’race’ or ‘cultural’ issues other than to support local councils to abandon their duty to welcome new Australians as ‘one’.  This had gotten so bad that at Port Phillip Council they removed all pictures of the Queen and abandoned the yearly Christmas tree because that tree was a symbol of Christianity and may just offend someone.  These idiots have no concept of a democracy. Apart from the fact that just 44% of Australians identify as Christian, it is the largest bunch but for any one group to demand removal of someone else’s ‘history’ speaks of stupidity and woke entitlement.

 Same for the Federal government.  We are all ‘sorry’ that history has treated some with less than egalitarian behaviour but WE cannot accept responsibility because it wasn’t ‘us’ that perpetrated any ‘crimes’.  Keep in mind – different era and different norms driving different acts. 

 Land - the prize in nearly all wars ...

We all own public land yet none of us own any part of it.  Simple.  It is land we all have rights to enjoy and all have responsibilities to protect.  Why?  Because we are mere caretakers for our allotted time on this planet.  Same for our houses.  We struggle to purchase ‘a place to be’ and assume ownership through toil as a matter of pride but, when we shuffle on all bets are off because, we’re dead.  Next.  Indeed, we were mere caretakers.

 But, ‘a place to be’ has far wider ramifications for some because they celebrate ‘belief’ history.  Enter indigenous culture.  I make no assertions as to the validity of those beliefs or even understand other than to say everyone has a right to believe in something.  For some it’s Allah, for some it’s God and for some it’s Dreamtime.  All are valid for the person and all give hope through history and a better future. This is a good thing albeit when one lot says my God is better than yours and then shoots the lesser God person just for their different beliefs, it’s a bad thing.  That fool Putin was deemed ‘the exorcist’ by his own church to eradicate everyone in Ukraine as they were all Nazis and Satanists – an obvious and pre-pubescent excuse for genocide - the ‘lesser God’ scenario and it’s so ridiculous it’s beyond words.

 My lot has also done horrible things over the centuries including the Vikings plundering their area of the world and settling in someone else’s country.  That’s my heritage yet I feel no desire to say ‘sorry’ to the Irish for something I did not do.  As it turns out, my long past history is somewhat violent and we are our history albeit I have little desire to conquer say Tasmania. Why?  Because I actually grew up and at least try to respect everyone else’s beliefs as long as those beliefs don’t propagate hurt.  Iran has seriously blotted their copy book in this regard as we speak as has Putin as has ....

 However, the concept of a ‘place to be’ is strong, and for some, linked to history.  Quite a few cultures have ‘sacred’ sights which may have rock paintings or whatever and need to be preserved but, dare I say,  not owned because we are just caretakers and it is up to all of us to work ‘as one’ to help protect other’s beliefs through the preservation of their history.  No argument possible.  ‘Dignity’ is a key concept because it encompasses both honour and respect.  I personally fail to see the religious connotations of an historic midden but then it’s none of my business other than to help protect that midden because I both honour and respect the beliefs of those that do see significance.  This is ‘we are one’ in real action.  We are all Australian.  Different beliefs, but all Australian protecting our rights to believe with free speech.

 Incidentally, being ‘racist’ is singling out some group as different requiring different actions just because they are different.  The sad thing is that people identified as bad-different tend to devolve to that marginalised archetype. ‘Gangs’ and the displaced all over the world speak this as truth. If we allow ‘the voice’ we are by definition completing a racist act because we see indigenous people as different needing more than other groups.  This is wrong.  Quotas for women in parliament are equally dysfunctional because it demeans women as needing quotas to succeed.  This is also wrong.

Given indigenous representation in parliament  is already above proportional [2.5% of population but 3.1% of parliamentarians] this ‘voice’ for parliament is the most racist bullshit we have constructed out of ‘woke’ diatribe driven by adolescent thinkers.  It’s as bad as ‘quotas’ for anything – demeaning and racist.

 So, what to do?

I know it’s rather trite but treating all people with honour and respect whilst living and breathing the mantra ‘we are one’ is the absolute minimum requirement.  Individuals with different beliefs creating our collective future ‘as one’ because we are ‘all Australian’.  Simple.   We don’t have to like each other and can choose not to interact but we must always honour and respect.  That is until they also blot their copy book.

One success key entails the ‘meaning’ behind the ceremonies on Australia day as they are not past driven but ‘future’ orientated.  A future for people who want to be Australian joining the ranks of the ‘we are one’ where honour and respect for all without any form of race or belief discrimination is paramount.  The spoken words and commitments are important.


It’s nice to be Australian.