Tuesday, August 4, 2020

AFCA and Zurich insurance

Dysfunction ... 

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority [AFCA] has been and is seemingly supporting Zurich insurance to avoid paying out lawful travel insurance claims.  Despite clear evidence.

 Zurich as a global company with teams of researchers, actuaries and analysts all mitigating risk through known events knew there was a pandemic looming circa 2019 [Covid19] which would [standard terms and conditions small print] negate any insurance claim yet they still took people’s money for travel insurance in that exact knowledge and knowing quite well that they would never have to pay out.  ‘A false pretence’.  Obtaining money under false pretences is at the very least fraudulent misrepresentation.

As long as AFCA fail to curb obvious dysfunctions there can and will be no change.  Following the Royal Commission’s scathing reports on companies such as Zurich and indeed the AFCA itself, it is indeed obvious that there is no change to past practices.

You may gather I am a little tense.

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