Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 There is something intrinsically and inherently wrong with any manager who is responsible for other people’s money failing to take responsibility and validate the spending process.  A manager does not just spend a few million dollars without exact validation from those in charge.  Doing so is criminal. 

With Andrews spending millions of dollars of our money on private contractors in hotel quarantine there can be no ‘creeping assumptions’ as to who actually ticked the ‘spend’ box.  This is not play time, there are millions of dollars of our money seemingly spent for no reason as the ADF were offered for nothing and 800 are dead.

This is not a political statement, it is a comment on the appalling management and consequent mal administration of the hotel quarantine program in Victoria.  Circa 800 innocent people lost their lives as a direct result of that mal administration.

If a manager did that in the private sector they would most probably be charged with fraudulent funds misappropriation but at the very least fired for stupidity.  With Andrews it seems that level of mismanagement is accepted as the norm.  Funds misappropriation and stupidity are accepted.

Politicians are good at getting elected and convincing us lemmings that they are strong, honest, knowledgeable and able.  Remarkably, even in the face of proven disaster contradicting all those attributes, some will ignore incompetence and continue supporting obvious stupidity.  After the Royal Commission into banking many many CEO’s and executives and board members were forced to fall on their sword.  Yet, Andrews survives.  How?

Any acceptance of a ‘creeping assumption’ should immediately trigger replacement of the entire management team for incompetence leading to mal-administration and also trigger civil and criminal investigation leading to charges.  Remember at stake there are millions of dollars and sadly circa 800 lives lost.

This is serious.  Monetary losses alone will top a trillion dollars, many people are dead, there are major issues with decreasing mental health and our country is going backwards thanks to Andrews mismanagement.

Just today NSW and VIC have almost the same number of cases yet NSW is firing on all fronts whilst Vic suffers draconian lockdown measures at the behest of Andrews and his incompetent management team.  For example NSW has a 2sqm rule for outside dining and a 4sqm rule for inside dining.  We have take home only with dining in prohibited!  26 weeks of lockdown for Victoria after Andrews bungled management

The cost to Victoria in lost productivity will be literally trillions.

A new management team is mandatory!

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