Sunday, June 26, 2022

Cure for tinted windows

 The FOMO set has grown up.

Car makers today are well aware that the current crop of car owners grew up attached to some sort of device whilst trying to ignore the real world.  These are the kids who sat in the back seat refusing to look out at the magic passing by whilst hiding inside a small screen or plugged into headphones.  They rejected the world and missed childhood.

Now those same people insist on the isolation shell through massively tinted windows so they can hide from that same real world but with even bigger on-board screens that actively control their lives.  They can’t see out of their cars properly especially at night so cameras are necessary to guide say their parking and they daren’t open a window lest someone sees them.  Sunroof, not a chance as it lets light in and others may be able to see.  A retreat into self.

Sad because life is diminished.


Rent an old manual roof, no gadgets convertible sports car with perhaps just a tonneau cover and NEVER put up the roof.  Enjoy motoring with wind, fog, rain, heat, cold and indeed smell.  Drive up a mountain and feel the temperature change every hundred metres all the while smelling the eucalypts and ingesting the surroundings.  No radio, no TV, no phone, no nothing.  Revel in the world!  It’s a fantastic place, enjoy it without props.

Now go back to the tinted isolation shell and feel the difference!

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