Sunday, June 26, 2022

One person’s view of the Andrews disaster with suggestions for change

Dear Liberals et alia,

Megalomaniac morons lack the neurons for rational thought but are good at being serious and attracting the brain vapid or those that prefer the nose ring approach to life commonly referred to as ‘the rusted on voter’.  These are dangerous people who, instead of applying rational thought, follow anyone holding the nose ring rope because resisting hurts – nose or brain.  Look at North Korea where the population marches in lock step to starvation or Russia where resistive thought can mean prison or China where disagreement with the CCP means disappearance.

You need to convince those of the ‘open mouthed ring persuasion’ that they should think about not voting for the moron because to do so would label them ‘vapid followers of moron’.  Not good.  Do this quietly whilst speaking in unarguable logic – premise premise conclusion.

A message -for example ... 

‘The Liberal party of Victoria will be the next Government because we seek support from  the thinkers from all sides but only those who actually care about our state and ask them to vote for whom they consider to be the best at creating the way forward’ – the thinking swinging voter." 

"It’s the centrists among us who care about change, will shift allegiance on rational thought,  care about our future and think through issues without the blinkered non-thinking approach of the ‘rusted on’ voter.  We seek intelligent debate without the tirade and pontificating obfuscation."

"Sometimes the facts are so plain that there can be no debate.  For example – ‘John Holland is a Chinese Company [China Communications Construction] and was given the billion dollar contract to build our infrastructure by labor all the while China was and is trying to ruin our economy through trade sanctions."

"It seems the CCP is holding the nose ring rope on Labor.  Why else would anything as obvious as this be acceptable to any clear thinker who can see through the moronic stupidity.  Kowtowing and indeed supporting a regime which ignores international law [South China Sea], ignores major agreements [Hong Kong]and takes over others sovereignty by persuasive force [Solomon] is tantamount to sedition.  It’s the same regime who has built ghost cities just to prop up an economy through ‘look at me look at me’ diplomacy."

"They just love the nose-ring lot because they know there will be no actual thought or resistance!  The labor party and their rusted on nose ring people are the CCP’s best friends."

You need to instill in those people a sense of panic enough for them to think about issues and jump on board to our shared and governed future.


Jon Langevad [MBA et alia]

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