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The vast majority of Australians voted ‘no’ on the voice proposal thankfully cementing  the concept of ‘we are one’ and ‘equality for everyone’ because of their own non divisive and anti-racist beliefs.  Thank whatever deity you like because that proposal was indeed racist and divisive and should never have been touted beyond a thought bubble by rational clear thinking adults.  Another 70 million dollars wasted by those that should have known better which is similar to Andrews in Victoria fawning amnesia over spending some $30 million dollars which subsequently killed 800 people. At least ‘our’ mob are not dead albeit I suspect emotionally wounded through fake and unyielding spin, driven  by politically motivated people who should never have been allowed  try and influence others through and by vague and somewhat spurious ideologies.

Those that voted ‘yes’ either believed our prime minister’s childish rhetoric ‘trust me it’s all about the vibe’ or could see no other solution for indigenous management.  But now, the majority of Australians have thankfully rejected the prime minister and his ‘vibe’ as nonsense and he must now face the music and create change because his voice scapegoat has been squashed.  This is not a political comment or any attempt to shoot the messenger but is a critique of failures and their real cost.

Keep in mind there are currently hundreds of people drawing salaries who are supposed to be looking after indigenous affairs including 11 elected parliamentarians.  These people were and still are the mob’s voice.  A great pity that they have shown to be incompetent [think ATSIC]. This is a management issue for which all governments have kicked the virtual can citing ‘we need another report’ and/or using obfuscating emotive rhetoric to hide incompetence.   So, instead of fixing that poor management, which costs some $30 billion dollars a year, they opt for ‘the vibe’.  This is an international disgrace and one reason some people should never be in charge of the piggy bank.  Indeed, it could be said that the whole ‘voice’ debacle was a political move by government to shift blame?

So, we still have a mob of people who feel disadvantaged,  ‘support’ programs for that mob costing $30 billion dollars a year and a government which prefers ‘the vibe’ to clear strategic thinking leading to planned outcomes.  Worse, we have intergenerational hardship driven by a call to go back to ‘country’ where there is zero education, no opportunities and a culture hooked on ‘sit down money’.   So called support programs seem to have no consequences or analysis or indeed results.  Yet damned politicians just throw more money because it’s just too hard to actually think.  Good at getting elected but crap at the actual job.

When do the grownups shout ‘enough’?

When a collective, being it a company or a group of people, start down the ‘oh woe is me’ rabbit hole it’s akin to self fulfilling trauma because people lose sight of the strategic picture and focus on negative minutia as an escape. The more they lose that strategic focus the greater the perceived trauma.  Compare that to first nations reality. 

Nothing will ever change unless proper management is instilled into all indigenous programs, there is public recognition of first nations ensuing dignity, honour and respect and education leading to self actualisation is enshrined in modern day indigenous culture.  Just lying around waiting for the next intergenerational dole cheque just doesn’t cut it. Harsh but true.  Indeed, high incarceration rates for the indigenous are the result of errant behaviour and are not inflicted by others just on skin colour.  People end up in goal because they do the wrong thing.  Don’t break the law and live free – simple.  

Just tootling around the edges of intergenerational perceived trauma has proven to be useless yet the morons with deep pockets of ‘our’ money pontificate at length about how good they are and ‘working hard’ to fix known issues. What absolute rubbish.  As above, good at getting elected but crap at doing the job!

Next?  Unless people have pride [not false pride driven by anger] and hope for a sustainable future [not false hope driven by spurious rhetoric] there can be no future.  However, there is pride in controlling your own destiny through receiving and giving respect for who you are as a person.  There is no pride in remaining uneducated being reliant on the next ‘sit down money’ to be deposited into your dole account.  No wonder alcohol abuse is rampant because it’s an escape from reality even if for a short time.  Perhaps even law breaking and family / public violence could be explained as people are broke and bored shitless.

Education is critical as is recognition.  The tragedy of life is that older people become invisible because of perceived irrelevance by others and the same for our mob.  Being visible for loudly marching up some street once a year doesn’t cut it.  Being visible for say struggling to get educated and struggling to create a life would be supported by everyone because the human condition is and admires those who fight to succeed.  This is the world and real life!  The struggle we all have to win to achieve peace.  Remember, ‘we are one’.

It’s a pity that our politicians and the plethora of people looking after indigenous peoples don’t seem to recognise this simple fact preferring ‘look at me look at me’ political nothingness.

First, a statement enshrined into the Australian psyche describing indigenous peoples,  “The original settlers and custodians of our island nation have continually contributed as part of Australia’s evolving multi-cultural history inexorably leading to the rich tapestry of our truly ‘we are one democracy’ that our island nation has nurtured.  They continue to live our history back to first peoples as treasured Australians. We are our history and ‘one’.”  Recognition, respect, dignity and most importantly ‘place’!!!  A place to be.  Simple concept but so important for us all.  Time – immediate.  Now is the time to make this happen with I guess 100% support.

Second, a proper third party publically transparent management audit of all current indigenous programs letting blame sit where it may.  I will back it in that a few will spend time behind bars for corruption and a few politicians will just hide.  Then we have a starting point from which to progress.  Time – 3 months.

Third, set up ‘carrot led’ [not punitive] sustainable education programs for those who want to live life and change. Time – 6 months.  Instil the perfect axiom for life – ‘learning is fun’.

Fourth, bring on and enjoy ‘we are one’.  Inclusive and multi cultural and anti-racist . Wahoo.

Our beautiful country has bunches of bright committed people who can make this happen. 

Let’s do it!!

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