Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Voice

 Life’s axiom  -  give responsibility to minutia driven loud mouths bent on shooting the messenger and you get zip but give responsibility to clear thinking inclusive strategic top down thinkers and watch things happen.

Indeed, critical transparent thinking gives simple conclusions such as - a race based indigenous ‘voice’ enshrined in our constitution destroys that very constitution.   Since 1967, every Australian, regardless of race, has been recognised as equal before the law.   The wording and intent are clear in that all Australians must be treated as equal.  We are one!   As Henry Parkes, the father of our federation said, “One people one destiny”.   This is simple clear thinking and must drive all other decisions - top down. 

‘The new voice’ seeks to ignore that basic tenet of constitutional ‘equality’ by adding yet another ‘race based’ so called voice which by its very nature is divisive and  is without doubt racist.  Adding ‘race’ to our  ‘anti-racist’ constitution is insane.  There are no further arguments.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of people already employed to look after indigenous affairs including circa 11 freely elected politicians.  All have seemingly failed.  With this new proposed ‘voice’ will all those people be sacked to make way for a new mob?

Instead, how about adding a paragraph to the constitution, an inclusive paragraph which rightly enshrines dignity, honour and respect for first nations people.  How about something like .. “The original settlers and custodians of our island nation have continually contributed as part of Australia’s evolving multi-cultural history inexorably leading to the rich tapestry of our truly ‘we are one democracy’ that our island nation has nurtured.  They continue to live our history back to first peoples as treasured Australians. We are our history and ‘one’.

Then, as  a nation and ‘one’ we deal with disadvantage whether that be homelessness or  indigenous issues or anything which requires clear strategic top down thinking and controlled actions.  Australia’s much lauded ‘safety net’ needs to apply to all disadvantage but not as a ‘freebie’ or a ‘right’ but as a carrot to change.   Maslow had it right when he said [paraphrased] that before we can move towards self actualisation we need all the basics in place.  In my opinion, knowledge through education is paramount because with greater knowledge comes greater understanding and with greater understanding comes life as we want it.  Simple.  The welfare mentality is a shocker because it prohibits generational change, creates desperation and kills the will to sing.  We all need help at some point but we also need to rise above that support to be human and self aware.  If dream time does it for you or God stuff is top of your tree or anything which supports hope and a future is paramount then good.  Because with hope we can move from minutia self preservation thinking and join the happy throng of strategic thinkers and doers as one. Wahoo!!

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