Saturday, September 12, 2020



Rowan Dean [AFR] wrote of Premier Andrews - “.. a cesspit of self indulgent cosmopolitan culture and disastrous financial management.. ” and “… secret deals signed with Beijing overlords …” and “… his bungling treasurer …” .  His opinion of his Federal counterpart was not much better.  “… the scheming eunuch Al-Bo and his insane proclamations which would send Australia into a death spiral”. [paraphrased but not much]

Alas, Victoria has devolved, with this premier in charge, from a debt free prosperous and viable state to one of eye watering debt owed to ‘someone’ who will expect interest and security.  That someone will own some $100 billion’s worth of Victoria.  Yes, nearly a trillion dollars in debt over 7 or 8 years of mismanagement.  We are now the pariah mendicant state.

How about secret deals with a regime which has, does and is proving on a daily basis to ignore the world in which it sits thereby putting our sovereignty at risk [HK, Taiwan, Sth China Sea, global trade rules, the WHO, Australia, USA, et alia].   He is also spending billions of our money on a ‘look at me’ power trip [ for example the subway and level crossings being built by a Chinese company] whilst ignoring offered funding from the Federal government on independently identified essential infrastructure [East West link - $1.2b thrown away].  How about funding the destruction of heritage properties [Sandringham golf course $10m] and destroying an inner suburban golf driving range to build more netball courts without thought of massive parking issues and whilst there is an existing huge netball centre 5 minutes away.  How about proving a lack of rational thought by banning activities during our exposure to the global pandemic such as fishing, golf and archery which are all, by their very nature, social distancing.  All as a “look at me I’m doing something to stop this pandemic all by myself”.  No other state followed suit.  Go figure.

Indeed, he and Victoria are a laughing stock from Canberra and from every other state.   He is on his own in the real world and out of control but out of control threatening our sovereignty, our financial security and our future.  People are dying! He even claims to have closed the country’s borders despite the Prime Minister doing just that.  Perhaps it didn’t occur to him that he CAN’T close ‘national’ borders or claim credit.



The so called second wave is all Andrews doing in that he refused to listen to the others who got it right [everyone else], refused to accept help [ADF with contact tracing], refused the bees knees of contact tracing software and instigated draconian ‘look at me’ rules [curfew] which no expert believes will do any good but many believe will exacerbate mental harm.  Now we find out he deliberately misled parliament, the police and health services. History proves just how badly conceived and managed that was - mal administered and mal managed – knee jerk crap from people who shouldn’t be let run a two person tea room. After refusing expert help he spent millions of dollars of our money on private security firms without safeguards or oversight. This terrible management decision by Andrews caused the so called second wave with further losses of billions more dollars for Victoria and Australia PLUS a loss of productivity which will have an eye watering number attached.  Far worse, this has cost hundreds of lives – all as a direct result of Andrews look at me inept management.

He has recently removed support for circa 50,000 tradies [sole traders] and partnerships that don’t employ others.  Obviously he doesn’t believe sole traders or small business are worth saving.

His thinking and statements are truly bizarre.  He has mooted a 9pm curfew [from 8pm] providing we mere lemmings are very very good and he has said restaurants will be allowed to open stressing outside dining and density limits on inside.  A couple of issues therein.  Firstly, this is Melbourne we live in with its very changeable weather so no, outside dining will never replace inside.  Secondly people will have to race through a very early dinner to get home by 8/9pm.  Obviously Andrews does not go out a lot because this will just not happen.



Personally I would like to see all those responsible frog marched out of Parliament into their own quarantine centre for say 6 months socialising with all the known Covid19 infected – as they have let happen to others!  And yes, pay for their own hotel room and meals.  However, realistically or lawfully that will not happen and we cannot change Government on a whim as much as I would like to.

But, in the short term, what we can do is change responsibility for critical issues such as anything threatening our sovereignty, spending and anything to do with Covid19 and, for good measure, throw in dealing with homelessness.  Let Andrews run the day to day minutia whilst bringing in a team of proven ‘can-do’ people [those that can galvanise transparent action] to get us back on track - just as in dealing with rogue suburban councils.

The irony of this is that this is what Andrews should have done from the start.  If you don’t have the expertise then, go and get it.  Simple business 101! Don’t pontificate with ‘look at me’ rhetoric whilst the state is haemorrhaging and people are dying.

Harsh?  It can’t get more serious on several fronts.  Andrews needs to admit a problem and bring in the new short term can-do management team.  In this he will be seen as strong, in control and delivering for the people of Victoria as a leader who recognises when to get help.  Reverse narcissism – good! 

Send out a distress call to well proven leaders and experts for help.  How about Keating, Kennett, Costello and Gillard establishing an expert team to bring us back on track.  Wow!  Great people all, bi-partisan and proven leaders.  Just 3 months and we could be seen once again as the state that deals with issues on the front foot, quietly, respectfully and with transparent purpose.

Premier, please lead from the rear – a long way to the rear!


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