Monday, September 14, 2020

Political Leadership?


I am staggered at the dearth of leadership noticeably in Victoria and Queensland.  Leadership being defined as an ability to ‘lead’ ALL the lemmings [us] in the exact knowledge that we are on board through and by having confidence in that leader.  This is simple business 101.  The other day the QLD pontificators stopped a single girl from seeing her dying father whilst allowing a funeral for 80 and allowing even more people into the state with ‘money’.   Those double standards by the premier and her health person were and are appalling yet they still fronted the media with their tough talking ‘I am -  me me me’ persona. Sad.

In Victoria we have a small p premier wallowing around out of control.  Take for example his latest magnanimous gesture promising financial relief for some Victorians - all about Andrews acting in control.  Not so.  Remember it is on his watch that we even have a second wave – his mismanagement.  Now, he is borrowing money in OUR names in order to give it back to us as the totem top benefactor. We, as a state, will be paying this back for years and years.  The fact that it’s necessary is the real issue.

Whose fault is it that the idiot protestors are so ill informed and defiant of the law with zero respect for seemingly anyone or  anything?  As clearly demonstrated on TV, these people have the collective intelligence of an ant wanting to disrupt rather than discuss.  They believe, just like Andrews, that their opinions rule.   Me me me!  I feel for the police.  They watch the power crazy premiers pontificate, bluster and stare down us lemmings from on high and they think that way of leading and interacting is normal. It’s not.

This pandemic is not of our doing but how we handle it most certainly is.  Problems occur when ego trips up reason, when drivel follows a brain-mouth disconnect and when even the dross of our society show open disrespect for anything.  Leadership has failed when society fragments.  Simple.

There are very few ‘leaders’ around which is why it’s so important for any person in charge to recognise their shortcomings and seek continual and transparent guidance from experts.  All the mouthpiece has to to do then is convey reality.  Not dramatised, or sugar coated but in a way which all us lemmings can understand and get on board.  One shouty protestor yesterday stated quite clearly that there was no pandemic as it was all a government hoax.  Wow!  They will have to live with stupidity for the rest of their lives but the rest of us don’t have to devolve to open mouthed stares and short shuffle walks.

All we need is a leader who actually leads.

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