Thursday, September 24, 2020

Andrews again!!

 Why am I upset with the Victorian government [small g]?

When Alan Bond was caught and had to answer questions he had inexplicable memory failure yet some time later he came good-ish both physically and mentally.  Go figure.
This current enquiry into the hotel quarantine mal administration also seems to attract similar memory loss .  Chris Eccles [Andrews department head – slight similarity to 1950’s ‘The Goons’] admitted to receiving email re ADF offer yet couldn’t remember passing it on to anyone.  An offer this important just slipped from memory.  If this is the case then he is incompetent in the extreme.  If he did in fact pass it on then the plot thickens.  It is reported that Andrews did get the offer but, inexplicably, also had his own bout of memory loss.
And, if that’s not bad enough, Andrews wants more power through and by the brand new Omnibus bill.  This would allow Andrews to authorise anyone he sees fit to detain [arrest] people whom they ‘deem’ a health risk.  This health risk can be as little as passing someone who is ‘suspected’ of say having COVID19.  Imagine a scene where a few pimply faced untrained so called Andrews authorised health official goons [no similarity to 1950’s the ‘Goons’] arrest people walking around Albert Park lake during their allotted 2 hours of exercise because they happened to pass a person, also walking, who had the temerity to sneeze during hay fever season thereby being deemed to be a health risk.  Perhaps Andrews could re purpose the physically larger tram inspectors, as no one rides trams anymore, with say 10 minutes of training, a few warm handshakes and a special mask covering their identity.  Their kit could include truncheons, spit masks, pepper spray, Tasers and of course cable tie wrist and ankle restraints.  Only the select few would have assault rifles.  To be fair they would have to treat all the same including kids, the disaffected, the weak, the stupid and all gender varieties.  Now the Andrews goons have pounced they would have to do something with the deemed infected.  Enter Gulag 13 which is a razor wire fenced off area on a golf course somewhere [unused as Andrews banned golf] where miscreants are re-educated with electricity to the temples and sent to forced labour [not labor] camps [the new hotel quarantine] for 14 days.  There would be wall to wall photographs of Andrews with thought bubbles – me me me me].  Trite?  Perhaps those of lesser risk could be transferred to nursing homes as they are now nearing empty because past residents have succumbed to the same Corona Virus mal administration.   As someone was reported as saying [paraphrased],’the greatest failure of a public health management event ever!’
The Andrews government is heading towards the above.  He continually seeks more and more power yet has been proven absolutely incompetent and unable to manage.  He has the blood of hundreds of people on his hands as the second wave has been 99.9% caused by hotel quarantine failures.  Would you let a failed bus driver take your kids to school day after day?  Answer, no!  Yet we allow Andrews to remain as the man in charge despite selling us out to a foreign power, bringing in companies owned by that power to control infrastructure, sending us bankrupt and mal administering a simple hotel quarantine which everyone else got right.
Perhaps we Victorians are all evil and we are getting Andrews as punishment for our sins?

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