Wednesday, December 21, 2022


 Australia Day and Citizenship Ceremonies.

What a fantastic image ‘we are one’ is through which to discuss anything.  Why? Because those simple 3 words have an overriding philosophy of mutuality leading to a shared future.  Wow!!

Keep in mind that ‘we are our history’ and it’s that history which propels our differences towards cohesiveness.  Sadly, the ‘shouty’ morons who support the so called ‘cancel culture’ have no inkling that they are trying to destroy our collective culture by creating their own version of history and always through misplaced self entitlement.

And, it’s that cultural history which must be celebrated albeit within the context of where we live and where we want to be. This is where ‘free speech’ is a God given right to be treasured and encouraged.  How else do we learn?  Agree or disagree, it’s everyone’s unalienable right to opinion.

I am Australian with blood lines from Denmark and Ireland.  This inexorably links me to those countries and peoples but, I am still Australian and ‘one’ with Australia.  My blood history is somewhere else but I am Australian.  My family’s history is somewhere else yet I am still Australian.  For nearly 75 years I have been Australian.  I was standing on the school’s bleaches in Launceston waving my flag for our brand new Queen as she drove by.  Why?  Because I was Australian and celebrated the occasion along with every other Australian.  We were ‘one’.  What a great choice she was.

There are many amongst us who want to usurp that ‘we are one’ balance for their own selfish motives by claiming they are ‘more special’ therefore demanding greater recognition.  They believe that democratic proportional representation was / is for someone else yet, that very concept is critical to preserving our combined history - but always within the concept of ‘we are one’.  Everyone has a say whilst everyone else listens with respect and an open mind.

Indeed, our histories meld and blend but we accept the differences with clear thinking and, dare I say, dignity above all.

When our moronic ancestors [we all have them], moronic politicians and equally moronic organisations tread the easy path of appeasing the shouty people by openly rejecting ‘we are Australian and we are one’ they are in effect trying to cancel our history and subjugate democracy to those with the loudest voice. 

Like it or not, ‘Australia day citizenship ceremonies’ are all about bringing gaggles of disparate peoples and cultures into the fold of ‘WE’ are Australian.  An all embracing culture offering togetherness for a combined future.  NOT cancelling anyone’s history but embracing it with respect and dignity.

We can’t cancel history, good or bad, but we can celebrate and learn.  Indeed, our history makes us aware and strong.  Our history is us!  But, our history does not define our future and that future can only be won if ‘we are one’ as ‘we are all Australian’.  ‘We’ are not responsible for our somewhat chequered history and cannot be held accountable for something we did not do but we are all accountable for what we do now and our future and indeed share that responsibility as ‘one’. 

Our democracy / system of Government is for all, our laws are for all and our beautiful country is for all.  For all Australians to revel in and enjoy – no exceptions.  January 26 defines Australia going forward as ‘one’. It does NOT celebrate dodgy behaviours by our ancestors, it cements our future because we are Australian and we are one!

Every year on ‘Australia Day January 26’ we all ‘as one’ remember and treasure our individual and collective past, good and bad, whilst reaffirming our commitment to Australia and ‘we are one’.  The morons who try to usurp or ignore the importance of this concept have truly missed the point.

Personally, I will celebrate on Australia day being Australian in God’s own country.

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